Real Estate: What You Can Give Now 

Gifts of Real Estate: Getting Started

Homes, land, office buildings and other types of real estate assets can be used to help further our important work. Learn how a donation of real estate might work in your situation. [More]

Is This Gift Right for You?

Real estate transactions can be straightforward or complex, based on your particular circumstances. Learn whether or not this type of donation is a good fit for you. [More]

Case Study

Explore how a donation of real estate plays out in everyday life. [More]

How to Complete Your Gift

Follow these practical steps to make a difference at our organization through a donation of real estate. [More]

Beyond an Outright Gift: Other Ways to Give Real Estate

We offer flexibility in the methods you can choose to make a donation of real estate. Consider these alternatives. [More]

Action Items

Now that you know the possibilities of giving real estate, learn how to move forward with a plan that works best for you. [More]

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