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We have received a number of inquiries about how best to prepare for the beginning of law school.  Here are a few suggestions:

First, you might find the transition to law school easier if you read about the law school experience ahead of time.  In addition, reading anything that puts the law and the role of the lawyer into context and helps to familiarize you with the terminology will be helpful.  To these ends, one of our professors has provided a suggested reading list.

Second, you can prepare for law school by having a restful summer and getting your affairs in order eliminating as many sources of stress as possible. This might include matters such as letting your family and friends know that you probably will not have as much time to spend with them during the semester when you are studying, making sure your computer is functioning well, and arranging your finances including reducing debt and expenses wherever possible.


Laptops are not required for our law students; however, they can be a definite asset in and out of the classroom. Students use their laptops for note taking in class, registration and research as well as taking end of the semester exams. The College of Law is completely wired. That is, the entire building is connected via fiber cables and with wireless technology. All faculty and administrative offices and all student carrels are network ready. FAQ information sheet regarding recommended computer specifications

If you are interested in purchasing the Willamette Store's recommended laptop, you are welcome to visit the Willamette Store computer shop websiteYou are not under any obligation to purchase this laptop. Other laptops will be sufficient, provided that they meet the recommended specifications.


Parking is available in designated Willamette University parking lots without a parking permit during orientation week but all other parking regulations remain in effect. As of the first week of September, parking permits will be required and Campus Safety will issue citations to cars parked in Willamette University parking lots without a parking permit.

Students will receive information at orientation regarding the purchase a parking permit.


There are a very limited number of apartments that are reserved on-campus.  Therefore, the majority of law students live off campus in Salem and the surrounding area.

Our current 2015-16 Guide to Moving to Salem (PDF, updated 2/15) may prove helpful in your search for a local area apartment and or property management services.  Additionally, the Office of Residential Services maintains an updated listing of the availability of on campus housing.

Additional postings for housing and apartments are located on a bulletin board in the first floor College of Law student lounge.

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