Additional Financial Aid Resources

Work-Study Awards

Work-study awards are usually available only to second- and third-year law students. Due to academic demands, first-year students are advised against any kind of part-time employment. Work-study opportunities for law students in their second and third years include both on- and off-campus employment and, historically, are in law-related positions. The program requires annual FAFSA filing.

Oregon Student Assistance Commission

Although Willamette University is a private, independent university, an Oregon resident attending the College of Law may be eligible for a number of private scholarships administered by the Oregon Student Assistance Commission (OSAC). Applications for these scholarships are usually available from OSAC in the year preceding enrollment in law school. For more information, contact the OSAC toll free in Oregon at 800-452-8807.

Oregon State Bar

The Oregon State Bar Diversity & Inclusion Department provides opportunities for minority and disadvantaged students attending Oregon law schools. Contact the Oregon State Bar at 503-431-6338 for more information.

Additional Sources for Aid

There are numerous scholarship search databases accessible through the Internet. The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid, available through, offers links to several scholarship search databases. You also will find excellent information on the aid process, descriptions of various loan programs, loan calculators for estimating repayment and budget worksheets.

We have compiled a listing of some external scholarship opportunities as an example of scholarships that can be found through and other resources.

Useful Resources

The following Web sites provide useful information: