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Business Law

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The Certificate Program of Business Law provides Willamette law students with a uniquely integrated, interdisciplinary approach to the study of business law. The program is designed to lead to a special understanding of the relationship between the law and the objectives of business clients. The analytical framework gives certificate holders an important advantage in providing their clients with sound and effective legal advice. Read more

Dispute Resolution

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The Center for Dispute Resolution administers a Certificate Program in Dispute Resolution, which has been ranked among the top-10 dispute resolution programs in the country by U.S. News & World Report. This specialized program of study provides a substantial foundation in mediation and negotiation for all law students. However, the program is particularly valuable for those students interested in a deep exploration of problem solving, deal making and decision theory.

Law and Government

Law and Government »

The Certificate Program in Law and Government provides students with a significant educational experience in the field of public law. Through personalized and rigorous training, students develop an understanding of the legal structure, function and operations of national, state and local government institutions. The program provides knowledge of the ways in which public policy is made and modified and the methods used to effectively influence formulation of law and policy. 

International and Comparative Law

International and Comparative Law »

The Certificate Program in International and Comparative Law provides students with a rigorous and comprehensive foundation in the fundamentals of public international law and dispute resolution, international business transactions, comparative law, private international law, and transnational arbitration and litigation. In addition, students can study a wide range of international law specialty subjects.

Sustainability Law

Sustainability Law »

The Certificate Program in Sustainability Law places special emphasis on the role of the lawyer in formulating environmental and natural resources law and policy to sustain and protect our local and global resources. The program's full course of study was designed by the Willamette law faculty to be both comprehensive and intensive. Students enrolled in the program receive a solid foundation in all areas of the law but also have the academic flexibility to specialize in specific areas related to sustainability and the environment.