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Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

For additional information about legal encyclopedias, see "Legal Encyclopedias".

1.  American Jurisprudence  2d.  West Group.  Legal encyclopedia with selective case citation. 1st floor Ben's Den. Available online/Westlaw.

2.  American Psychiatric Association.  Committee on Public Information. A Psychiatric Glossary.  4th ed.  New York, Basic Books, 1975.  RC437.A5.  Out of print.

3.  Ballentine's Law Dictionary.  3rd ed., Lexis Publishing, 1969.  Provides pronunciation of legal terms.  All floors. Available online/Lexis.

4.  Black's Law Dictionary, 4th ed.  St. Paul, West, 1957.  Comprehensive.  Includes many case citations to source of legal definitions.  (5th ed., 1979, 6th ed., 1990, 7th ed., 1999, 8th ed., 2004 and 9th ed., 2009 are not as historical in content).  All floors. Available online/Westlaw.

5.  Burton, William. Legal Thesaurus.  2nd ed. N.Y., Macmillan, 1992.  Useful in finding synonyms to replace "legalese."  LAW Ref. KF156.B856.

6.  Corpus Juris Secundum.  West Group.  Legal encyclopedia with extensive case citation.  1st floor Ben's Den. Available online/Westlaw.

7.  Campbell, Robert. Campbell's Psychiatric Dictionary.  8th ed. N.Y., Oxford U.P., 2004.  LAW Ref. RC437.H5. 

8.  The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law. 3 Vol. N.Y., Macmillan, 1998. K487.E3N48

9.  The New Palgrave Dictionary of Money and Finance, 3 vol.  N.Y., Macmillan, 1992.  Ref.  HG151.N48.

10.  Roberts, Harold Selig.  Roberts Dictionary of Industrial Relations, 3rd ed.  Washington, Bureau of National Affairs, 1986.  LABOR HD4839.R612.   Later edition available.

11.  Stedman's Medical Dictionary.  28th ed.  Baltimore, MD.  Williams & Wilkins, 2006.  Ref.  R121.S8.  Frequent editions. Available online/Westlaw.

12.  Words & Phrases.  Multi-volume, pocket parts.  West Group.  "All judicial constructions and definitions of words and phrases by the State and Federal Courts from the earliest times, alphabetically arranged and indexed."  1st floor Ben's Den. Also available online/Westlaw.