Dean Symeonides delivers prestigious international lectures at the Hague

Dean Symeon C. Symeonides delivered the prestigious lectures in Private International Law at the Academy of International Law, which is housed in the Peace Palace at the Hague. This is the highest international recognition that can be bestowed on a scholar in this field.

These annual lectures were established contemporaneously with the Academy in 1923, following a grant from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. They are attended by diplomats, judges, law professors, and attorneys from all over the world. The lecturers are selected on the basis of their publications and other accomplishments by the Academy's Curatorium. During the 78 years of the Academy's existence, only seventeen American scholars have been invited to lecture on private international law. Symeonides is the eighteenth.

Each lecturer is required to produce an original monograph reflecting the content of his or her lectures. The book is published by the Academy in the Recueil des Cours, a collection that is read widely around the world. Symeonides' book, which is entitled "Choice of Law in the American Courts," is a study of the conflict-of-laws decisions of all American court.