Faculty approves three new courses

The College of Law faculty has approved three new courses for the 2002-03 academic year:

Market Driven Strategy, Organization and the Law: Following a fairly traditional business marketing course (policy and substance) structure, this class will inter-mix the related legal policy and substantive considerations. The course will incorporate "problems" as a vehicle for in-depth exploration and "hands-on" application of the business concepts, the related legal rules and the integrated process. The course will be taught by Professor Vincent Chiappetta and Debra Ringold, Professor of Marketing at the Atkinson Graduate School of Management and is a required course in the Business Law Certificate Program.

First Amendment Law: This advanced course will cover the range of First Amendment legal issues: free speech, free press, and establishment clause. The course will consider the philosophical and historic development of the various principles, the current and developing doctrines, and contemporary issues/applications of First Amendment law. The course will be taught by Professor Steven Green.

Advanced Administrative Law: This course is designed to supplement the current entry-level course in Administrative Law. It will cover administrative and constitutional law cases currently being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court, constitutional and statutory commitments and accountability and transparency in federal agency decision-making, and state administrative law. The course will be taught by Professor Norman Williams.