Willamette Law Professor Elected President of National Law Society

At its recent annual meeting in Brisbane, Australia, The American Society of Comparative Law elected David S. Clark president for the next two years. Clark was recently hired as the first Maynard and Bertha Wilson Professor of Law at Willamette University.

The American Society of Comparative Law, founded in 1951, consists of 100 U.S. law schools as well as a few law schools in foreign countries. In recent years, it has become the world's most recognized organization for supporting and communicating research about foreign and comparative law.

"The United States has an important role to play in continuing global trade, environmental cooperation, and the development of human rights norms," said President Clark. "Moreover, the spread of dispute resolution skills across cultural divides has never been more important. Legal scholars working with their foreign colleagues develop the ideas that governments later utilize."

Clark has taught in Europe, Latin America, and Asia and published 10 books and more than 50 articles on comparative law, procedure, courts, and law and society, which track his teaching areas. He recently finalized plans for Willamette's newest foreign study program at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, which this fall semester will have five Willamette students in residence. This is the largest contingent of any American law school.

"This demonstrates how well our commitment to globalize the law curriculum is paying off," said Symeon Symeonides, dean at the College of Law. "We have several members of the Willamette law faculty who are actively involved in foreign and international law. Our students benefit by using these opportunities to prepare for the growing global practice of law. Within the international law community and among law schools around the country, Willamette is highly regarded."