Two Books In Two Weeks

In the last two weeks, the mail delivered two law books to the College of Law. Both books bear the Willamette name because the author is Willamette Law Dean Symeon C. Symeonides. The first book, entitled The American Choice-of-Law Revolution in the Courts: Today and Tomorrow, is a 448-page monograph published by the Hague Academy of International Law. It represents the lectures Symeonides delivered at the Academy in July 2002. Symeonides is one of only 17 American authors to deliver these prestigious lectures in the Academy's 80-year history. The book is now part of the Academy's Collected Courses series, which is found in virtually every law library in the world.

The second book, entitled Conflict of Laws: American, Comparative International, is a 911-page textbook published by West Publishing Company. It is the second edition of a popular book used in teaching the course Conflict of Laws in 48 American law schools. It is co-authored by Professor Wendy Perdue of Georgetown, and Symeonides' law-school mentor, Professor Arthur von Mehren of Harvard.