Dennis Appointed Acting Director of Admission

It's been a long journey from Seoul, Korea to Salem, OR, but new Acting Director of Admission, Carolyn Dennis, says she's found the perfect place. "I love Willamette," she says. "WUCL has a small community sense and I really like that."

Dennis recently took over the reins of the law school's admission office from long-time director Larry Seno. Since Fall 2001, she's been the assistant director and, most recently, the associate director of admissions at the law school. Dennis, who holds a BA in sociology from the University of California, Davis, brings to her new assignment a broad employment background that includes operations supervisor, freelance copywriter, advertising executive, operations office manager/executive assistant and administrative assistant in corporate, not for profit and college settings. From 1994 to 1997, she was the admission assistant and office manager at King Hall, the University of California, Davis, School of Law.

All of Dennis' previous positions involved customer service and public relations, something she believes will serve the office of admissions well. "Our office may be the first and only time someone from outside talks to anyone at the university," she says. "It's vitally important that our customer service be there. We need motivated, active, friendly voices to answer questions whether it's on the phone or face-to-face. Even if it's the twentieth time they've answered the same question, I want the admissions staff to answer it like it's the first question of the day."

In addition to a friendly, open-door policy for all, Dennis hopes to expand the outreach to minority communities and increase the number of minority law students at WUCL. Born in Seoul, Dennis has ties to the Korean-American and adoptee communities. She says bringing students of color to Salem is a difficult but important mission for the law school. "Students of color want to see an ethnic community here," she says. "And we have to create it. I'm working closely with Marva Fabien [Coordinator of Professional Development and Multi-cultural Affairs] and we're going to areas that are highly populated with students of color and creating new networks. I want them to see there are other faces like mine and other faces at the law school."