Morris Collin to Discuss Sustainability at Portland City Club

College of Law Professor Robin Morris Collin and her husband, Willamette Professor Robert William Collin, will present "Sustainability and Environmental Justice: Why Race (Still) Matters" at the City Club of Portland on Friday, Jan. 22, 2010, at 12:15 p.m.

During the Club's Friday Forum, the couple will discuss how the benefits of living in a sustainable city are not distributed equally among its residents. When compared with its white population, Portland's minorities tend to live in areas with poorer air quality and higher asthma rates. Minorities are also more likely to live in neighborhoods where the land is contaminated by past use and where it is harder to access natural areas.

Director of Willamette's Certificate Program in Sustainability Law, Morris Collin will discuss the impact of human and economic activities on the larger ecosystem, while highlighting how minorities in Oregon often receive an inequitable distribution of the benefits and burdens of policies intended to enhance sustainability. Collin, senior research scholar at Willamette's Center for Sustainable Communities, will address how the work of environmental justice activists can challenge racial disparities in Portland and produce a genuinely more sustainable community.

More information can be found at the City Club's Friday Forum website.