Dean Symeonides receives honor from American Society of Comparative Law

Dean Symeon Symeonides was elected honorary president of the American Society of Comparative law after serving as the Society's president of four years, vice president for four years and secretary of eight years.

The Society awarded him a commemorative plaque noting his "extraordinary leadership" and his "numerous contributions to comparative law and private international law."

While serving as the Society's president, Symeonides hosted the 18th Quadrennial International Congress of Comparative Law, held in Washington, D.C. July 25 to Aug. 1. More than 500 delegates from 55 countries attended the event.

During the conference, Symeonides was elected president of the Common Law Group of the International Academy of Comparative Law, which includes the United States and all countries whose law derives from English common law. He also was re-elected as vice president of the International Association of Legal Science.