Law school introduces “3+3” program with Oregon State University

Willamette University College of Law and Oregon State University will offer a joint program this fall allowing OSU students to earn combined bachelor’s and law degrees.

The program, announced Wednesday in a speech by OSU President Ed Ray, lets qualified students earn both degrees in six years instead of the usual seven. Among the requirements are a college GPA of 3.4 and an LSAT score equal to or higher than the median LSAT for the prior year’s entering class at the law school.

 “OSU students will be able to earn an undergraduate degree and a juris doctorate in six years, rather than the usual seven, saving students time and money, while facilitating an express path to a law degree from one of Oregon’s finest colleges,” Ray said as part of his “State of the University” address at Portland’s Benson Hotel. “That’s great news for our students, as OSU is already a leading feeder institution for the law (school).”

OSU officials said they expect as many as 25 participants will eventually enroll in the program each year. The “3+3” students must complete the same application as all law school candidates.

 “For the student who really knows what they want to do, it’s a way of getting the degree they want at a reasonable cost,” said Law School Dean Peter Letsou. “It’s also a way of getting into the legal world one year earlier.”