This page is inspired by the book "the haiku year". Seven friends agreed to write a haiku each day for a year and send them to each other. They used so-called "Western haiku", where the sylabic pattern is not limited to 5-7-5 (or to anything)

This is my attempt to produce (on average) one such haiku a day for the next year, starting July 4th, 1999, ending July 4th, 2000. While I've been told before that I have the "soul of a poet", I'm first to admit that I don't have the skills.

A few of these contain momentary lapses of clarity and harmony with the world around me, but most of them just document what I was thinking at the time, or what happened.

July 4th, 1999
  black shirt, blue jeans
  stands over red car
  loading or unloading?

  birds don't hear traffic
  traffic don't hear birds
  I hear both, too bad

  drawer full of cards
  I meant to send
  reflects life

[observations at Coffee House Cafe]
  father + son browse together
  she cuts in front
  because she's beautiful

  nice sweater
  she waits her turn
  because she's beautiful

  free thinkers
  learn to work the machine
  it blinks and whirs

  time for a break
  head for the outdoors
  with a cigarette

[riverfront park]
  one weed
  pokes through bark dust
  nature wins again

  circling, swishing, rushing, buzzing
  remind me of flies
July 6th, 1999
[inspired by a moment last summer, viewing th new copper roof of Rogers Music Center]
  shiny copper roof
  blinding sunlight in my eyes
  I step carefully
July 7th, 1999
  the Seaworld killer
  proudly displays a new toy
  naked man in pool

  indecision is dangerous
  for the squirel on the road
  the brakes worked
July 10th, 1999
  hot like an oven
  everything is sticky
  breathing makes me sweat

  I know I'm drunk
  when I can hear
  the sound of silence

  ten seconds out
  facing oncoming traffic
  for a moment, I'm on planet bizaro

  If a numerologist
  were to study number theory
  would they evolve to mathmaticians?

  she sits alone reading
  but glances up
  at everything that passes
July 29th, 1999
  the band sounds awful
  but it is her birthday
  will she get laid?

  two times in one night
  a chance meeting with a friend
  two worlds cross for a moment
  bad news
  travels so much faster
  than good