New: Fixit Repair Station on campus!

image courtesy of Dero, inc.

Tire flat? Screw loose? Stop by the Fixit self-service bicycle repair station, located in the breezeway between Belknap/Matthews! This station provides a stand to hang your bike on while you work on it, as well as a variety of tools to use including:

Also, smartphone users can scan a QR code located on the body of the stand to access online bicycle repair guides. The current QR sticker links to: which provides written and video guides on maintenance and repair.

The purchase and installation of this stand was made possible by a Sustainability Innovation Grant from the Center for Sustainable Communities in the fall of 2012. The goal is to support the use of bicycles for commuting, recreation, and transportation. By providing tools like this to the WU community, the hope is to heighten awareness of sustainable transportation options and increase ease of access to tools in combination with resources at the Bike Shop.

Note: Please be courteous to others and respect the space when using this stand! Here are a few guidelines to use in addition to common sense: don't leave waste (washers, nuts, spent inner tubes, etc.) when you leave (metal and tubes can be taken to the Bike Shop for recycling). If others are waiting to use the stand, work together to accommodate time restraints. Leave space in the breezeway for fire exits, pedestrians, cyclists, bearcats, etc.

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