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Self-paired Tourney Standings: StraightShooter

Last updated: Sat Aug 10 14:46:39 PDT 2013

Straight Shooter: The player who scores the most victories against players of consecutive ranks (based on ranks stated on name tags). For example, victories against a 2 Dan, a shodan, a 1 Kyu, a 2 Kyu, and a 3 Kyu would total a straight shooter score of 4.
Wins in a straight NameRank
4Frankel, David1k
4Carter, Jimmy4k
4Hidaka, Shigeo2d
3Ching, Justin4d
3Zheng, Jingwei3d
3Horn, Jeff1d
2Cardew, Seth1k
2Otero, Aaron10k
2Phillips, Bill1k
2Hershberger, Matthew4d