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James F. Albaugh '72 James F. Albaugh '72 President
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Elected: 2007

Matt Benjamin '02 MBA'05 Matt Benjamin '02 MBA'05 Alumni Association Representative Elected: 2018

Robin O. Brena JD'83 MBA'83 Robin O. Brena JD'83 MBA'83 Attorney/Partner
Brena, Bell & Walker P.C.
Elected: 2015

Katherine S. Cahill P'13 Katherine S. Cahill P'13 Managing Director (retired)
BlackRock, Inc.
Elected: 2017

Charlotte Carpenter P'14 Charlotte Carpenter P'14 Director of Admissions and Marketing Strategy
Sage Ridge School
Elected: 2018

Jeff Chung '90 Jeff Chung '90 President
Allen Broadcasting Co.
Elected: 2019

Truman Collins '86 Truman Collins '86 President, The Collins Foundation
Elected: 2011

James B. Cuno, Ph.D., '73 James B. Cuno, Ph.D., '73 President and CEO
The J. Paul Getty Trust
Elected: 2012

Rev. Patricia Farris Rev. Patricia Farris Senior Minister
First United Methodist Church Santa Monica
UMC Conference Clergy Representative

Julie Filizetti, Ed. D. Julie Filizetti, Ed. D. Partner
​Isaacson, Miller
Elected: 2018

James A. Fitzhenry JD'81 MBA'81 James A. Fitzhenry JD'81 MBA'81 Owner
Roy Manufacturing
Elected: 2006

Joseph Hoffman '71 Joseph Hoffman '71 Retired Partner and Board Member
Elected: 2011

Brian Hufft '01 Brian Hufft '01 Principal
Upward Partners
Elected: 2012

Lucy Jensen JD'13 MBA'13 Lucy Jensen JD'13 MBA'13 Legal Counsel, Corporate Governance & Securities
Adobe Inc.
Elected: 2019

Colleen L. Kawahara Colleen L. Kawahara Chief of Staff to the President
Willamette University
Administrative Secretary of the Board

Eva M. (Connelly) Kripalani JD'86 Eva M. (Connelly) Kripalani JD'86 Co-Founder
Office of General Counsel Network LLC
Elected: 2010

Konrad Konrad "Chip" Kruger P'15 P'16 Managing Member
Five Mile Capital Partners LLC
Elected: 2013

Liz Large JD'96 Liz Large JD'96 Cofounder
Office of General Counsel Network
Elected: 2016

Linda Lewis '79 Linda Lewis '79 Alumni Association Representative Elected: 2020

Mike Martinez ’00 MBA’11 Mike Martinez ’00 MBA’11 ​CEO
​Natural Plant Products, Inc.
Elected: 2018

Sean O'Hollaren '83 Sean O'Hollaren '83 Senior Vice President, Government and Public Affairs
NIKE, Inc.
Secretary of the Board Elected: 2014

Heidi Patterson '75 Heidi Patterson '75 Retired, American Red Cross- Biomedical Services
Elected: 2010

Lynn Ristig JD'85 MBA'85 Lynn Ristig JD'85 MBA'85 Chief Counsel - Shared Services Group
The Boeing Company
Elected: 2013

Sandy Rowe Sandy Rowe Retired Editor
The Oregonian
Elected: 2009

Dale C. Sause '74 Dale C. Sause '74 CEO & Chairman of the Board
Sause Brothers, Inc.
Immediate Past Chair Elected: 2008

Lynne H. Saxton '76 Lynne H. Saxton '76
Chair of the Board, Ex-Officio All Committees Elected: 2011

Kevin R. Smith '79 Kevin R. Smith '79 Retired, Head of Americas
PGIM Real Estate
Vice Chair of the Board Elected: 2010

Melissa L. Smith, PhD, '79 Melissa L. Smith, PhD, '79 Principal
Arktos Organizational Design and Development
Elected: 2012

Bishop Elaine J W Stanovsky Bishop Elaine J W Stanovsky Bishop, Greater Northwest Episcopal Area
The United Methodist Church
Methodist Representative

Colby R. Takeda '11 Colby R. Takeda '11 Community Program Senior Manager
Elected: 2020

Jon T. Thomsen '92 Jon T. Thomsen '92 Chief Executive Officer
Elected: 2020

Stephen E. Thorsett Stephen E. Thorsett President
Willamette University
Ex-Officio All Committees

Dan Valles Dan Valles Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Willamette University

Johnny C. Vong '02 Johnny C. Vong '02 President
Blackfish Capital
Elected: 2020

Patrick J. Waite MM'84 Patrick J. Waite MM'84 Elected: 2010

BJ Wright, Ph.D., '03 BJ Wright, Ph.D., '03 Partner
ghSMART & Company
Elected: 2018

Lifetime Members

Ralph W. Bolliger '53 JD'55 Ralph W. Bolliger '53 JD'55 Retired Trustee
The Collins Foundation

Julie E. Branford '67 Julie E. Branford '67 Retired Global Director, Human Resources and Facilities
InFocus Corporation

Donald G. Brown '68 Donald G. Brown '68 Dean Emeritus
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Sacramento, CA

Stewart M. Butler '61 Stewart M. Butler '61 Retired

Jonathan T. Carder '68 Jonathan T. Carder '68 Investor

Wallace P. Carson Jr. JD'62 Wallace P. Carson Jr. JD'62

Gerald W. Frank Gerald W. Frank President
Gerry's Frankly Speaking

Eric M. Friedenwald-Fishman '88 Eric M. Friedenwald-Fishman '88 Creative Director/Founder
Metropolitan Group, LLC

Allan Brian Gard '68 Allan Brian Gard '68 Senior Partner
Gard Communications

Alan C. Goudy '51 Alan C. Goudy '51

William R. Haden William R. Haden

Stuart A. Hall '62 JD'65 Stuart A. Hall '62 JD'65

Susan M. Hammer JD'76 Susan M. Hammer JD'76 Attorney/Mediator
Susan M. Hammer, Dispute Resolution Services

Dale C. Harris '55 Dale C. Harris '55 United Methodist clergy

Melvin Henderson-Rubio '74 Melvin Henderson-Rubio '74

Dale M. Hermann '65 JD'69 Dale M. Hermann '65 JD'69 Director
CorSource Technology Group, Inc.

Henry H. Hewitt JD'69 Henry H. Hewitt JD'69 Senior Counsel - Retired
Stoel Rives, LLP

Douglas G. Houser '57 Douglas G. Houser '57 Attorney/Partner
Bullivant Houser Bailey PC

George W. Hoyt '58 George W. Hoyt '58

Mary K. Hughes JD'74 Mary K. Hughes JD'74 President
John C. Hughes Foundation

William H. Kilkenny '41 William H. Kilkenny '41 Retired
W.H. Kilkenny Company

Peter C. Kremer '62 Peter C. Kremer '62 President
The Kremer Company

Eric B. Lindauer JD'66 Eric B. Lindauer JD'66 Arbitrator/Mediator
The Law Office of Eric Lindauer

William D. Long '59 William D. Long '59 Chairman and CEO
Devco Properties, Inc.

Joan H. (Sherrill) McNamara '59 Joan H. (Sherrill) McNamara '59 Retired
Bonneville Power Administration

Thomas E. Neilsen MBA'86 Thomas E. Neilsen MBA'86 Retired

Robert W. Nunn '72 Robert W. Nunn '72 Owner
Robert Nunn, Business Counselor at Law

Robert G. Packard '73 Robert G. Packard '73 Partner
ZGF Architects LLP

Claris C. Poppert '57 Claris C. Poppert '57

Robert F. Smith '53 Robert F. Smith '53 President/Owner/Rancher
Smith West Company

Patricia Smullin Patricia Smullin President & Owner
California Oregon Broadcasting, Inc.

Guy C. Stephenson '73 Guy C. Stephenson '73 President
Westwood Shipping Lines Incorporated

Kerry R. Tymchuk '81 JD'84 Kerry R. Tymchuk '81 JD'84 Executive Director
Oregon Historical Society

Roderick C. Wendt JD'80 Roderick C. Wendt JD'80 Vice Chairman
JELD-WEN Holdings Inc.

Steven E. Wynne '74 JD'77 Steven E. Wynne '74 JD'77 Private Investor

Faculty Representatives

Nathan Sivers Boyce Nathan Sivers Boyce Associate Professor of Economics
College of Arts & Sciences
Willamette University

Andrew Kach Andrew Kach Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management
Atkinson Graduate School of Management
Willamette University

Karen E. Sandrik Karen E. Sandrik Associate Professor of Law
College of Law
Willamette University

Student Representatives

Emily Self Emily Self Student
Atkinson Graduate School of Management
Willamette University

Patsy Shaha JD'21 Patsy Shaha JD'21 Student
College of Law
Willamette University

Amarit Ubhi '20 Amarit Ubhi '20 Student
College of Arts & Sciences
Willamette University

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