Always a Bearcat!

I've witnessed great connections between Bearcats, regardless of their graduation years. Though some details have changed over time, all 28,000+ of us share the experience of having spent life-changing years on this campus.

I believe all our lives are enriched not only by this past connection to Willamette — but also by a continuing relationship with the university and fellow alumni. Our alumni association exists to develop and support the community we share. Specifically, we help you keep in touch with other alumni (both old friends and new), campus activities, and student life. Take a moment to think about the other Bearcats in your life already: friends, colleagues, a professor with whom you've stayed in touch, and maybe even a spouse.

There are many ways to get more Willamette connection in your life. Current students and young alumni thirst for mentorship. Fellow alumni nearby would love to strike up conversations. And there are Bearcats everywhere who share your industry, major or interest.

Just by attending Willamette, you're already a member of the alumni community. I invite you to find a new connection by browsing these web pages for opportunities and by volunteering.

Looking forward to seeing you. Always a Bearcat!

Matt Benjamin '02, MBA'05
President, Alumni Board 

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