Network with fellow alumni professionals and offer job opportunities, career advice and mentorship to our bright and talented students.

What is WUConnect?

WUConnect is a career and networking platform (powered by Wisr) exclusively for the Willamette community! It creates customized communities for our students and alumni, including communities specifically for Willamette's graduate schools and affinity groups. Think of it as a LinkedIn, but just for Willamette!

Watch this introductory video from Director of Career Development Mandy Devereux to learn more:

How to join and get started

  1. Start a free account here!
  2. Create your profile. This only takes a couple of minutes and is made even easier with the platform's integration with LinkedIn. If you choose, you can import information from your LinkedIn account.
  3. Use the platform to join Communities related to your interests and experience, find other Members, make Connections with alumni and students, add to Discussions, post Events and more!

Creating new communities

Communities are used in WUConnect to create a professional space for designated career areas that students and alumni have a particular interest in. Communities can be public (open to all WU students and alumni) or private (invite only). If you are interested in creating a community, please check out the following guidelines:

  1. A community should have at least 20 active members/contacts who are alumni/professionals.
  2. Three members must be community leaders (and one should be a faculty or staff member) who are committed to regularly posting content for the community.
  3. Your community should have a career mentoring focus and commitment to offering career insights to students.
  4. Email interests and ideas to mdevereux@willamette.edu or akahl@willamette.edu for your community to be approved.

Volunteer roles

Upon signing up for WUConnect and creating a profile, you'll be asked to pre-select the ways you would like to assist the Willamette community. These volunteer opportunities are meant to provide meaningful connections with students and fellow members of the Willamette community in ways that align with your availability.

Ways you can help students and alumni on WUConnect

  • Suggest classes to take.
  • Review resumes.
  • Support a fellow first generation student.
  • Connect with others living in or moving to your city/region.
  • Provide industry or career insights.
  • Offer the ability for students to shadow your work.
  • Share your professional journey.
  • Share how your college or graduate school experience has informed your professional career.
  • Advise about graduate/professional school.
  • Offer advice on job/salary negotiations.
  • Share your experience changing jobs or industries.
  • Join a community related to your career and participate in discussions as you are able.
Note: You can change your roles at any time on WUConnect.

Becoming a Community Leader

Communities flourish when there are people actively working to make it better. The same is true for the communities within WUConnect. Community Leaders play a vital role within WUConnect as they help keep the community engaged, and growing, through the sharing of content, starting and contributing to discussions, supporting events within the community and inviting other alums or professionals within that career field or affinity to join the community.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Leader and want to learn more about the role, contact Director of Career Development Mandy Devereux at mdevereux@willamette.edu (if you are faculty or staff) or Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement Abby Kahl '05 at akahl@willamette.edu (if you are an alum).

Volunteer Code of Conduct

For all volunteer roles within WUConnect, see Willamette's Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Join WUConnect

Is there a job or internship you know about? Do you have career advice or information to share? Join WUConnect to contribute to the career conversation and our community of Willamette students and alumni professionals.

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