Meet Our Ambassadors

The Willamette Ambassadors lead campus tours and staff our office — you may meet some of them when you visit campus!

  • Image of Alanna Kelly '21

    Alanna Kelly '21

    English and Cinema Studies; Highland Falls, NY

    Fun Fact: I found out about Willamette through an Instagram ad.

  • Image of Amelia Maass '22

    Amelia Maass '22

    Anthropology; Seattle, WA

    Fun Fact: I can lick my elbows!

  • Image of Bethany Abbate '22

    Bethany Abbate '22

    Civic Communication and Media; Beaverton, OR

    Fun Fact: I visited over 30 colleges in high school.

  • Image of Brian Ixtlahuac '21

    Brian Ixtlahuac '21

    Spanish & International Studies; Los Angeles, CA

    Transfer student
    Fun Fact:
    I helped raise $129,000 for five local charities in my community.

  • Image of Caitlin Forbes '20

    Caitlin Forbes '20

    English & Psychology; Castro Valley, CA

    Fun Fact: I've been bitten by a Willamette duck once during my time at WU...and no I did not get any superpowers.

  • Image of Cameron Taggesell '21

    Cameron Taggesell '21

    Physics; Sonoma, CA

    Fun fact: I have a rational fear of chickens.

  • Image of Celeste Gutentag '22

    Celeste Gutentag '22

    Art History; Grand Junction, CO

    Fun Fact: I can flip my tongue upside down. 

  • Image of CG Steelman '22

    CG Steelman '22

    Environmental Science; Walla Walla, WA

    Fun Fact: I spent my summer in Kodiak, AK.

  • Image of Claire Mathews-Lingen '21

    Claire Mathews-Lingen '21

    Politics, Policy, Law and Ethics; St. Paul, MN

    Fun fact: I had pet rats: Buzzle, Funny, Charcoal, and Sweetiepie.

  • Image of Daniel Fang '21

    Daniel Fang '21

    Biochemistry & Economics; Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

    Fun fact: I once sprinted up the stairs to the top of a 482 foot tall building in jeans.

  • Image of Eden Wenokur '20

    Eden Wenokur '20

    Civic Communication and Media & Spanish; Seattle, WA

    Fun Fact: I once got my phone stolen and then fought the guy trying to steal it. Bad idea but I got it back!

  • Image of Forrest Deters '20

    Forrest Deters '20

    Mathematics; Dallas, OR

    Fun fact: I recorded an EP in Smash Mouth's studio.

  • Image of Jack Hanscom '22

    Jack Hanscom '22

    Civic Communication and Media; Kent, WA

    Fun fact: I've traveled across three different countries in 24 hours.

  • Image of Kawika Kalama '21

    Kawika Kalama '21

    Civic Communication and Media; Fairbanks, AK

    Fun fact: I befriended a moose and would feed it pumpkins. Yes. In Alaska.

  • Image of Kali Woodward '23

    Kali Woodward '23

    Public Health and Business; Gig Harbor, WA

    Fun Fact: I can play three instruments!

  • Image of Maddy Kaplan '22

    Maddy Kaplan '22

    Psychology; Palo Alto, CA

    Fun Fact: I worked at the third ever Jamba Juice establishment!

  • Image of Maddy Jones '22

    Maddy Jones '22

    Biology & Psychology; Fredericksburg, VA

    Fun Fact: I played Field Hockey for five years.

  • Image of McKenna Musket '21

    McKenna Musket '21

    Civic Communication and Media; Brentwood, CA

    Fun Fact: I have been an intern for two NBA teams.

  • Image of Monica Gustaveson '21

    Monica Gustaveson '21

    Psychology and Spanish; Seattle, WA

    Fun Fact: As a kid, I wrote a whole 4-part book about Shamu the whale escaping Seaworld.

  • Image of Oakley Phoenix '23

    Oakley Phoenix '23

    English and Philosophy; Benicia, CA

    Fun Fact: I learned how to hold a pencil wrong as a kid, and I still haven't figured out how to fix it.

  • Image of Olga Melendez Valdes '20

    Olga Melendez Valdes '20

    Music & Politics; Salem, OR

    Fun Fact: I just recently visited family in Cuba for the first time.

  • Image of Phoebe Marcus-Porter '20

    Phoebe Marcus-Porter '20

    Physics; Fort Collins, CO

    Fun Fact: My dad and stepdad have the same name.

  • Image of Rachel Urner '22

    Rachel Urner '22

    Politics, Policy, Law & Ethics; Port Townsend, WA

    Fun Fact: I once dove out of a moving airplane into 34 degree water by choice.

  • Image of Risa Shutz '21

    Risa Shutz '21

    Exercise and Health Science; Redmond, WA

    Fun Fact: I’ve been pooped on by a bird 8 times in my life.

  • Image of Rose Linville '20

    Rose Linville '20

    Environmental Science; Driggs, ID

    Fun fact: I once had to get stitches for an injury caused by only a broom and rug.

  • Image of Ross Wheeler '21

    Ross Wheeler '21

    Politics, Policy, Law, and Ethics; Vashon, WA

    Fun Fact: I grew up on an island and took a ferry to school.

  • Image of Sam Johnston '21

    Sam Johnston '21

    Math & Economics; Westerville, OH

    Fun Fact: After four years of taking Spanish I still can't roll my r's.

  • Image of Saša Binder '20

    Saša Binder '20

    Biology & Chinese; Anchorage, AK

    Fun Fact: I have 3 cats. 

  • Image of Tara Hickman '21

    Tara Hickman '21

    Physics; Yuma, CO

    Fun Fact: I've only burned myself once and it was on a waffle iron on one of my knuckles.

  • Image of Vanessa Sanders '22

    Vanessa Sanders '22

    Public Health; Portland, OR

    Fun fact: I puked in the Vatican. My family now likes to joke that I was possessed.

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