Meet Our Ambassadors

The Willamette Ambassadors lead campus tours and staff our office — you may meet some of them when you visit campus!

  • Image of Addy Bohag '23

    Addy Bohag '23

    Major: Economics
    Minor: History

    Seattle, WA
    : VP of Membership/Recruitment for Alpha Phi, Server at Basil & Board.
    Why did you choose WU: The community!
    Bistro order: Chai.
    Fun Fact: I'm left-handed only because I broke my right arm while I was learning to write.

  • Image of Adele Benny '23

    Adele Benny '23

    Major: Psychology
    Minors: Sociology & Public Health

    Austin, TX
    : Softball, Opening Days Leader, Chemawa Indian School Tutor, Intern at St. Joseph's Shelter in Mount Angel, which is a part of Catholic Community Services..
    Why did you choose WU: The supportive community and the gorgeous campus!
    Bistro Order: Iced Latte.
    Fun Fact: I have a dog named Mojo.

  • Image of Amanda Padgett '25

    Amanda Padgett '25

    Majors: Public Policy, Law, & Ethics
    Minor: Philosophy

    Appleton, WI
    : Debate, Opening Days Leader, Choice Action Team, Campus Recreation.
    Why did you choose WU: Willamette reached out to me the most and made me feel supported.
    Bistro order: A Hazelnut Oatmilk Latte.
    Fun fact: I love to cook!

  • Image of Amaya Latuszek '23

    Amaya Latuszek '23

    Major: English
    San Diego, CA
    : News Editor for The Collegian and Co President of Voce.
    Why did you choose WU: The inclusive and welcoming community.
    Bistro order: Either a cinful mocha or a rose matcha latte!
    Fun fact: I jumped in the Mill Stream after stepping on our school seal whille walking a group of students to a workshop.

  • Image of Ben Royer '24

    Ben Royer '24

    Major: Public Health
    Minors: Public Policy, Law, & Ethics and History
    Montesano, WA
    : Opening Days Lead Team.
    Why did you choose WU: I chose Willamette because I loved the community and I know that I would be in a place that I could grow as both a student and as a person.
    Bistro order: Chocolate chip cookie and either a hot chocolate if it's cold, or an Italian soda if it's warm.
    Fun fact: I have swallowed multiple cameras!

  • Image of Casey Swinkels '23

    Casey Swinkels '23

    Major: Spanish & Psychology
    Austin, TX
    : President of Alpha Phi, Former RA.
    Why did you choose WU: I chose Willamette because when I visited I could picture myself here for 4 years as a result of the beautiful campus and friendly students.
    Fun fact: I've been to 25 countries.

  • Image of Ella Stringer '25

    Ella Stringer '25

    Majors: Theatre and Women & Gender Studies;
    Ashland, OR
    : Service Leadership and Sustainability JumpStart Leader, Theatre Student Advisory Board Representative, Theatre Scholarship Recipient, Dramatic Vocal Arts.
    Why did you choose WU: I chose Willamette because of the close-knit, incredible theatre program!
    Bistro order: Hot peppermint tea with honey and a buzz bar!
    Fun fact: I can read upside down very well.

  • Image of Emily Huynh '25

    Emily Huynh '25

    Major: Civic Communication and Media
    Minor: Economics

    San Jose, CA
    : Opening Days Leader, Choice Action Leadership, Rock Climbing.
    Why did you choose WU: I loved the vibe of a tight-knit community and the beautiful campus.
    Bistro Order: Hot chocolate and a greek yogurt.
    Fun fact: I can juggle (three balls max).

  • Image of Emma Bass-Kendall '24

    Emma Bass-Kendall '24

    Major: Environmental Science & Public Health
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    : Alpha Phi, Panhellenic Council, Former RA, Student Athletic Trainer, Nanny.
    Why did you choose WU: I chose Willamette because of the supportive environment that is created by the students and professors on campus!
    Bistro order: Iced Vanilla Matcha Latte.
    Fun fact: Taylor Swift has been my number one artist on Spotify for four years in a row.

  • Image of Grace Kline '24

    Grace Kline '24

    Major: Global Cultural Studies
    Minor: Art History

    Sacramento, CA
    : Co-President of Fabric, Yarn, and Textiles Club, Dance Company, 24 Hour Theatre.
    Why did you choose WU: I love the community feel of a small school and the fact that we have so many ways to get involved in different clubs and academic programs.
    Bistro order: Buzz bar and any fruit iced tea.
    Fun fact: I have visited 13 state capitals (and lived in 2)!

  • Image of Graham George '23

    Graham George '23

    Major: Sociology
    Seattle, WA
    : Opening Days.
    Why did you choose WU: I love the sense of community.
    Bistro order: Buzz bar.
    Fun Fact: I am left handed.

  • Image of Irene Vera '23

    Irene Vera '23

    Major: Psychology & Spanish
    San Diego, CA
    : Willamette Academy, Cheer Team, Family Building Blocks.
    Why did you choose WU: I wanted to experience a new environment and gain anew perspective in life.
    Bistro order: Iced chai latte with almond milk.
    Fun fact: I rescued my dog from the Mexican border.

  • Image of Ives '24

    Ives '24

    Major: Theatre
    Minor: Sociology
    Blaine, WA
    : Bistro Supervisor and Kitchen Intern, Opening Days Lead Team, Theatre Student Advisory Board.
    Why did you choose WU: I chose Willamette for the students attending!
    Bistro order: Quad shot oat strawberry mocha or a quad shot dirty chai.
    Fun fact: I performed live on Japanese television.

  • Image of Jordyn Johnson '24

    Jordyn Johnson '24

    Major: Economics
    Winslow, AZ
    : Softball, Alpha Phi.
    Why did you choose WU: I chose Willamette for the community!
    Bistro order: Iced Vanilla Chai Latte.
    Fun fact: I have a birthmark on my leg shaped like Idaho.

  • Image of Kali Woodward '23

    Kali Woodward '23

    Major: Public Health
    Minor: Economics
    Gig Harbor, WA
    : Alpha Phi, Investment Club, Opening Days Leader, 3+2 MBA Program.
    Why did you choose WU: I chose Willamette because of the strong sense of community and support that I felt when I first visited.
    Bistro order: Iced almond milk latte, decaf!
    Fun fact: I used to live abroad when I was younger.

  • Image of Marykate DeLuca '23

    Marykate DeLuca '23

    Major: Politics, Policy, Law & Ethics and Spanish
    San Diego, CA
    : Softball.
    Why did you choose WU: WU offered me the opportunity to continue my academic and athletic careers with a unique balance I didn't find other places.
    Bistro order: Iced caramel latte (with oat milk).
    Fun fact: I named my car Clifford, Clifford the Big Red Ford.

  • Image of Natalie Klett '24

    Natalie Klett '24

    Major: Studio Art
    Minors: Creative Writing and Psychology
    Waikoloa, HI
    : Mill Literary Club — Creative Writing, Service Project facilitator for Community Service Learning
    Why did you choose WU: I chose WU because it felt like home.
    Bistro order: Vanilla Oatmilk Latte with Raspberry Syrup
    Fun fact: I can wiggle my eyebrows and I wrote my college essay about a clay chicken

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