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Alanna Kelly ’22


Admission Counselor

Headshot of Alanna Kelly ’22

Contact Information

Salem Campus

900 State Street
Salem  Oregon  97301
California (Central Coast, Santa Barbara, San Fernando Valley and Central Valley), Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont


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Alanna serves as an Admission Counselor for the College of Arts & Sciences. In her role, she sees students from her region through the admission process from application tips, to financial aid, and all the way through enrollment! She also assists in office communications; apologies in advance for all the emails.

Alanna received her Bachelor's of Arts in English and Cinema Studies from Willamette. As a student, she worked for the Willamette Events Board and the Office of Admission as an Ambassador. Through her role as an Ambassador, she realized her passion for assisting students and her alma mater in admission work.

Why Willamette?

I chose to attend (and now work at) Willamette for many reasons. I was first introduced to the PNW, like many from my generation, through the Twilight Saga. The acres of conifers, weeks of overcast weather, and cozy coffee culture spoke to me. When I stumbled upon Willamette specifically, the way that faculty balanced high academic standards with personal support was perfect. As a New Yorker, I was awed by the less-competitive, more welcoming culture I found on my visit to campus. The kindness, creativity, and vast talents of the student body is a large part of what keeps me here.

Favorite High School or College Class or Subject?

My favorite class in college was Feminist Film Criticism. It was pivotal as the class that made me declare a second major in Cinema Studies, the only independent study I took at WU (aka a 1-student class), and the first time I ever made a video essay. Professor Michel added the class to her schedule just for me to take it, and adjusted the final from a written essay to a video essay so I could hone my video editing skills. Of course, the content of a feminist analysis of film has forever changed the way I view and think of films as a woman.

Something You Learned in College You Still Use?

I learned to appreciate all different disciplines and skill sets. I went to a high school with a STEM-oriented attitude, and loved the Liberal Arts' appreciation of all disciplines. Willamette students get to thrive in their passions and skills, and sometimes be humbled by subjects outside of their wheelhouse, which taught me the need for different niches being filled in a community.

Memorable/Favorite High School or College Co- Curricular Activity

I loved my time working for the Willamette Events Board. Alongside a small team, I organized, advertised and executed free on-campus events for the whole student body. We planned drive-in movie nights, Midnight Breakfasts every finals week, annual Black Tie dances, and my personal favorite, a Halloween haunted house!

Proudest Accomplishment to Date

Learning more about my Czech heritage (where my mom emigrated from). I studied abroad in Prague during my junior year at WU, started reading my Babi's favorite book, and have a 180 day streak on Duolingo for Czech.

Favorite Book

Cat's Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut

I wrote my college application personal statement about how that book changed my life!

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