Your Admission Counselor

  • Eric Klein

    Eric Klein

    Assistant Director of Admission
    Office: 503-375-5460
    Territories: California (East Bay, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, San Diego, and South Orange County)

About your Admission Counselor

Pronouns: he/him

Favorite Things About Willamette:

I love the close knit community comprised of our students, staff, and faculty that can be felt across campus. Everyone is friendly and supportive of each other the moment you step onto campus.

Advice About Admission Process:

Be true to who you are and use your application as an opportunity to showcase your passions and interests. We want to know as much as possible about our applicants so we can ensure Willamette is the right fit for you! I think it is also important to take risks. We all have the capacity to attend our dream school, but sometimes we have to take a leap of faith by applying somewhere that is out of our comfort zone.

Favorite College Memory:

My entire sophomore year made a lasting impression on my life. Many of my closest friends were made my second year of college and this is also the year I met my wife, who lived across the hall from me.

Favorite Quote:

"You don't stand for something, you fall for anything" - Chuck D

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