Student Awards & Honors

The Department of Anthropology bestows two awards annually to outstanding majors, and recognizes exceptional academic achievement among graduating senior majors by bestowing departmental honors at graduation. Criteria for these awards and honors is described below.

Departmental Honors 

Awarded at graduation to a small number of outstanding seniors in anthropology in recognition of academic achievement. Recipients of honors must meet the following criteria:

Franz Boas Award for the Outstanding Senior in Anthropology

Awarded annually. Eligibility is limited to senior majors who have completed all requirements for the major by the end of the term in which the award is given. Recipients of the award are chosen by the faculty of the Department of Anthropology according to a combination of the following criteria:

Past Recipients

  • Jaelin Sonoda, 2020
  • Karmen Chavez-Sam, 2019
  • Julia Di Simone, 2018
  • Hania Marien, 2017
  • Anya Rogala, 2016
  • Joyce Moreno, 2015
  • Kirsten Ramsdell, 2014
  • Rabindra Hayashi, 2013
  • Annie Fidler, 2012
  • Lindsey Falkenburg, 2011
  • Shannon Satterwhite, 2010
  • Sarah Kutten, 2009
  • Jennifer McKenzie, 2008
  • Jennifer Johnson, 2007
  • Garrett Stephenson, 2006
  • Elizabeth Phillips, 2005
  • Kristin Friesen, 2004
  • Daphne Jones, 2003
  • Daniel Rivas, 2002
  • Anna Geer, 2001
  • Elizabeth Simpson, 2000

The Margaret Mead Award for the Outstanding Junior in Anthropology 

Awarded annually. Eligibility is limited to junior majors who have completed at least four courses in anthropology prior to the semester in which the award is given. Recipients of the award are chosen by the faculty of the Department of Anthropology according to a combination of the following criteria:

Past Recipients

  • Juniper Scheel, 2020
  • Claire Johnson, 2019
  • Laura Polkinghorn, 2018
  • Emily Buchi, 2017
  • Phoebe Wagner, 2016
  • Naomi Morgan, 2015
  • Erin McGrew, 2014
  • Kiana Diaz Figueroa, 2013
  • Jordyn Grant, 2012
  • D'Arcy Wright, 2011
  • Emily Dickey, 2010
  • Benjamin Clanton, 2009
  • Hayley Freedman, 2008
  • Amy Holthusen, 2007
  • Dawn Albert, 2006
  • Carly Smith, 2005
  • Elizabeth Phillips, 2004
  • Melinda Wheeler, 2003
  • Daphne Jones, 2002
  • Elizabeth Kowal, 2001
  • Anna Geer, 2000
  • Harry Truman Scholarship: Mariah Grubb (2013), Hannah Harper (2010)
  • National Science Foundation REU- Shannon Satterwhite (2010)
  • Erasmus Mundus Agency Scholarship: Hayley Freedman (2008)
  • National Health Service Corp Scholarship: Hannah Harper (2011)
  • Watson Fellowship: Jenny McKenzie (2008)
  • Luce Scholars Program: Emily Dickey (2011)
  • Fulbright Scholarships: Alexis Gjurasic (2019), Grace Katzmar (2014)
    Emily Dickey (2011), Emily Johnson (2008)
Sarah Dean 2020
How Young People are Using Hashtags, Rock Music, and Protest to Expand Democracy in Argentina: A Qualitative Study of Youth Political Participation in Argentina
Sponsor: Peter Wogan, Anthropology
Lydia Savelli 2018
La Féminisation des Professions de Santé en France: An Exploration of the Trajectory of Female Physicians in France
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology 
Diane Jung 2018
Emotional Stress and College Life: A Comparative Study between American and South Korean College Students
Sponsor: Peter Wogan, Anthropology
Therese Nguyen 2017
Rethinking Old Age through the Illness Narratives of Vietnamese Elders
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology 
Madelon Bergan 2016
A Temporary Chamber Ensemble as a Community: Exploring the Role of Adult Music-Making as an Affinity Group
Sponsor: Pam Moro, Anthropology 
Ari Hoffman 2016
Learning from Tucson’s Mexican American Studies Project: San Francisco’s Ethnic Studies Future through the Looking Glass
Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology 
Phoebe Wagner 2016
Decolonizing Cultural Education: A Study of Māori Language, Arts and Crafts in Rotorua, New Zealand
Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology 
Hania Marien 2015
A Troubling Disconnect: Exploring Why Greater Ethnic Diversity in Schools has not Translated into Greater Ethnic Representation in School Books
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology
Naomi Morgan 2015
Medicalization and the Lifecycle of the Birthing Process
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology
Hannah Schwarz 2014
Shifting Landscapes of Peruvian Identity and the Production of Quinoa
Sponsor: Peter Wogan, Anthropology
Mariah Grubb 2013
Examining the Efficacy of Volunteer Tourism
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology
Joseph Campbell 2012
Subsistence Strategies of Homeless LGBT Youth in Portland, Oregon
Sponsor: Scott Vandehey, Anthropology
Jake Hagood 2011
Area Survey of LGBT Resources and Services
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology
Rachael Mayer 2011
Involving Communities: The Importance of Voice in Online Museum Exhibitions
Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology
Breanna Lee 2010
The Dynamic Folk: Joanna Newsom and the Participant-Based Construction of Folk Music Subgenres
Sponsor: Pamela Moro,
Major: Music
Lindsey Falkenburg 2009
How Oaxacan Families Cope with Economic Depression
Sponsor: Peter Wogan, Anthropology
Sarah Kutten 2008
Ghana's New Bonding Measures: Is Nursing a Ticket Out?
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology
Emily Johnson 2007
Inequalities within the Women's Healthcare Delivery System in France
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology
Carolyn Burns 2006
“The Role of Family in Mental Health Care in Oaxaca, Mexico”
Sponsor: Peter Wogan, Anthropology
Mara Hansen 2006
“A Critical Examination of Medical Pluralism in Rural Guatemala”
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology
Steve Malick 2006
“Gender Identity and Jesus: The Masculinities of Christian Men”

Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology
Beth Phillips 2004
Remembering and Dealing with Domestic Violence: Youth in Transition
Sponsor: Pamela Moro, Anthropology
Adrienne Davich 2003
Ethnography of a Small-Town Tragedy: An Acute Childhood Leukemia Cluster in Fallon, Nevada
Sponsor: Carol Long, English; Peter Wogan, Anthropology,
Rosemary Roberts 2002
Paris to Portland: Abortion, Contraception and Feminism in Two Cultures
Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology
Danielle Mathey 2000
The Use of Non-Medical Contraceptive Methods in the U.S.: Documentation and Analysis"
Sponsor: Pamela Moro, Anthropology
Diana Marquez Guerrero 2017
Heirlooms and the Immigrant Experience
Sponsor: Pam Moro, Anthropology
Jared Tupuola 2015
Sending Back to the Samoas: A Comparative Study of American Samoa and Samoa's Relationship with Transnationalism
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology
Dylan Librande 2013
Music and the Sense of Place in Video Games
Sponsor: Pam Moro, Anthropology
Cristina Marquez-Guerrero 2012
Restoration of La Mixteca: Empowering Indigenous Communities
Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology
Lauren Dimock 2010
Clean Burning Stoves: Their Relationship Between Climate Change and Indigenous Culture
Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology
Catherine Stockdale, 2011
From These Hands, From This Heart: An Exploration into the Vocation of 21st Century Global Health and Aid Workers
Sponsor:  Joyce Millen
Emily Dick, 2010
An Exploration of Ayurvedic Health Care in Northwest, USA

Sponsor: Joyce Millen 
Bill Harper, 2009
Sponsor: Joyce Millen
Naomi Rothenberg, 2020

Migrant at the Chilean Border: Discriminatory Practices and their Consequences on the Integration
of Migrants
Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins

Laura Polkinghorn, 2019
Timing is Everything: An Analysis of Relative Levels of Agency in the Journey from the Streets to Transitional Housing in Salem, Oregon
Sponsor: Joyce Millen
Therese Nguyen, 2018

Aging in Sociocultural Perspective: Intersecting Vietnamese Catholicism, Care and Community in the Lived Experiences of Elderly Women
Sponsor: Joyce Millen
Racyne Parker, 2017

The Role of Mental Health and Crisis in the Criminal Justice System-Incarceration
Sponsor:  Rebecca Dobkins
Julianne Johnson, 2016

Cancer Clusters: Various Perspectives and Rising Tensions
Sponsor: Joyce Millen
Joelle DeLong, 2015

The Dutch Way: An Anthropological Perspective on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Sponsor: Joyce Millen
Ian Brody 2011
The Informed Artist: Enriching a Musical Performance With an Anthropological Study of Nationalism
Sponsor: Pamela Moro, Anthropology
Music Major--Anthropology Minor
Lindsey Falkenburg 2010
Understanding Diasporas and Their Relationships With Home and Host Countries
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology
Anthropology -- Major


Joelle DeLong '14, Mellon Foundation, Learning by Creating
and The Center for Religion, Law and Democracy
The Dutch Way: Alternative Views on the End of Life
Sponsor: Joyce Millen

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