Student Research

Carson Undergraduate Research Grants

Therese Nguyen, Carson Grant, 2017
Rethinking Old Age through the Illness Narratives of Vietnamese Elders
Sponsor: Joyce Millen

Madelon Bergan, Carson Grant, 2016
For Fun or For Skill: Conflicting Goal Orientations Among Amateur Musicians in Southern Oregon
Sponsor:  Pamela Moro

Phoebe Wagner, Carson Grant 2016
Decolonizing Indigenous Education in Rotorua, New Zealand
Sponsor:  Rebecca Dobkins

Naomi Morgan, Carson Grant, 2015
Medicalization and the Lifecycle of the Birthing Process
Sponsor: Joyce Millen

Hania Marien, Carson Grant, 2015
A Troubling Disconnect: Exploring Why Greater Ethnic Diversity in Schools has not Translated into Greater Ethnic Representation in School Books
Sponsor: Joyce Millen

Hannah Schwarz, Carson Grant, 2014
Shifting Landscapes of Peruvian Identity and the Production of Quinoa
Sponsor: Peter Wogan

Mariah Grubb, Carson Grant, 2013
Examining the Efficacy of Volunteer Tourism
Sponsor: Joyce Millen

Joseph Campbell, Carson Grant, 2012
Subsistence Strategies of Homeless LGBT Youth in Portland, Oregon
Sponsor: Scott Vandehey

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Lilly Grants

Catherine Stockdale, 2011
From These Hands, From This Heart: An Exploration into the Vocation of 21st Century Global Health and Aid Workers
Sponsor:  Joyce Millen 

Emily Dick, 2010
An Exploration of Ayurvedic Health Care in Northwest, USA
Sponsor: Joyce Millen  

Bill Harper, 2009
Sponsor: Joyce Millen

Susanna Bee, Lilly Grant, 2006
Foot and Soul: A Study of Contemporary Chinese Reflexology
Sponsor: Joyce Millen

Katie Johannsen, Lilly Grant, 2006
Shaped by Music: Everyday People and Community Orchestras
Sponsor: Pam Moro

Jennifer McKenzie, Lilly Grant, 2006
Painting Bridges: Empowerment of Youth Through Murals and Willamette's Past Revisited
Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins

Jennifer Johnson, Lilly Grant, 2005
For the Sake of the Call: Women Missionaries and Self Perceptions of Vocation
Sponsor: Pam Moro

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