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BIOL 125 Ecology, Evolution and Diversity (1)

An intensive, one-semester introduction to the field of biology, stressing concepts and theories that underlie our understanding of evolution, ecology, and diversity. The course is primarily designed for students majoring in scientific disciplines and uses quantitative and observational approaches. Topics include the origins of diversity, evolutionary change, phylogeny and classification, diversity in form and function, and the adaptations and interactions of organisms within communities and populations. As part of the required lab and field exercises, students learn to design and conduct an original research project analyzing data statistically and summarizing their findings in an oral presentation and scientific paper. Must be taken at the same time as BIOL 125Y Lab: Ecology, Evolution and Diversity.

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Natural Sciences
  • Prerequisite: Freshman or sophomore status
  • Offering: Infrequently; Phasing out
  • Instructor: Craig, Smith

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