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HIST 369 History of the Pacific Northwest (1)

In this course, students will engage with the environmental, political, social, and cultural history of the Pacific Northwest. We will explore both what makes this region distinctive and what traits we share with other regions. Using both primary and secondary works, as well as theoretical approaches to the study of regions, we will seek to understand both the region in its historical context, as well as its relation to the nation and the world. We will be asking: Where is the "Pacific Northwest?" Who calls this region "home?" What draws people here? Why do we live as we do? How have people shaped and reshaped the environment within which we live? What does learning about this "place" teach us? What does our future portend?

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences
  • Offering: Alternate Years
  • Instructor: Jopp

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