Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies is designed to foster interdisciplinary learning and research and to provide coherence to a broad range of course offerings in this time period from disciplines across the curriculum including Art History, English, History, Spanish, French and Francophone Studies, Religion, and Interdisciplinary Studies. The vision for the minor is that it not simply designate a series of topically related courses or function as "mini-major" but that it provide the structure within which collaboration between students and faculty and interdisciplinary work appropriate to the humanities can take place. To this end, the minor offers a 1 credit faculty-student colloquium, a regular schedule of discussions of faculty and student research, and other programs that encourage the kind of intellectual interchange that supports collaborative work in the humanities. The minor also provides opportunities for students to link their coursework and research projects more closely with their experiences in co-curricular opportunities such as the Hallie Brown Ford Museum of Art, The Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology, study abroad experiences, Student Scholarship Recognition Day, external research grants, and internal research grants such as Carson, Presidential, and Lily.

Requirements for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor (22 semester hours)

  • 20 semester hours chosen from at least two different departments not in the student's major. No more than 1 course in the minor can also count towards the student's major.
  • Participation for a minimum of 2 semesters in faculty-student colloquium worth 1 semester hour per semester. This colloquium will feature thematically related readings, sharing of student and faculty research, discussion of faculty-student collaborative research opportunities, and exposure to relevant lectures, conferences, exhibits and events.

Students minoring in Medieval and Renaissance Studies are encouraged:

  • To take advantage of study abroad programs
  • Study relevant languages, including Latin, French, German, and Spanish
  • Attend related campus events, exhibits, and conferences
  • Submit papers for undergraduate conferences and journals
  • Explore grant opportunities to support research and scholarship

Approved Medieval and Renaissance Studies-Related Courses (22 semester hours needed)

Art History

  • ARTH 116 Introduction to Renaissance and Early Modern Art
  • ARTH 259 Western Medieval Art and Architecture
  • ARTH 267 Renaissance Visual Culture
  • ARTH 275W Art Literature and Criticism



  • HIST 131W Historical Inquiry: The Crusades
  • HIST 131W Historical Inquiry: Popular Culture in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 131W Historical Inquiry: Pilgrimage and Travel and Medieval and Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 233 Asian Empires on the Silk Road
  • HIST 319 Medieval Europe, 400-1500
  • HIST 374 Love and Reason in the Middle Ages: European Intellectual History 400-1500
  • HIST 375 Women and Gender in Medieval Europe

Interdisciplinary Studies


Religious Studies

  • REL 233W Religions Along the Silk Road


  • SPAN 352 Peninsula Literature I: Medieval, Early Modern, and American Colonial
  • SPAN 445 Topics in Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Literature

Courses which may count towards minor depending on content:

French and Francophone Studies

  • FREN 340 Readings in French Literature

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