Andrew P. Duncan

Professor of Chemistry
Specialty: Organic Chemistry

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Contact Information

Olin Science Center 314
900 State Street
Salem  Oregon  97301


  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
  • B.A., Middlebury College


Research Interests

Chemical Synthesis

Interested in designing new catalytic reactions that rapidly increase the structural and stereochemical complexity of molecules. We apply a variety of organic and organometallic synthetic techniques and make extensive use of NMR spectroscopy and HPLC/GC techniques to characterize new compounds.

Personal Interests

Mountaineering, Backpacking, Skiing, Rock Climbing, Food, Wine, Beer


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F.E. Michael, A.P. Duncan, Z.K. Sweeney, R.G. Bergman. "Rearrangements and Stereomutations of Metallacycles Derived from Allenes and Imidozirconium Complexes" J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2005, 127, 1752.

A.P. Duncan, J.L. Leighton. "Enantioselective Cu-Catalyzed Conjugate Addition of Diethylzinc to Acyclic Aliphatic Enones" Org. Lett., 2004, 6, 4117.

F.E. Michael, A.P. Duncan, Z.K. Sweeney, R.G. Bergman. "Mechanisms of Allene Stereoinversion by Imidozirconium Complexes" J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2003, 125, 7784.

A.P. Duncan, R.G. Bergman. "Selective Transformations of Organic Molecules by Imidozirconocene Complexes" The Chemical Record, 2002, 2 , 431.

A.P. Duncan, S.M. Mullins, J. Arnold, R.G. Bergman. "Synthesis, Structural Investigation, and Reactivity of Neutral and Cationic Bis(guanidinato)zirconium(IV) Complexes" Organometallics, 2001, 20, 1808.

S.M. Mullins, A.P. Duncan, R.G. Bergman, J. Arnold. "Reactivity of a Titanium Dinitrogen Complex Supported by Guanidinate Ligands: Investigation of Solution Behavior and a Novel Rearrangement of Guanidinate Ligands" Inorg. Chem., 2001, 40, 6952.
Willamette University

Department of Chemistry

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.
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