Requirements for the Chemistry Major (BA: 10.5 credits; BS-Chem: 13.5 credits; BS-Biochem: 14 credits)

The usual first course in the chemistry program is Introductory Chemistry I, although well-qualified students may begin at a higher level. Well-qualified students should consult with the department before registration.

Chemistry Track, Bachelor of Arts degree

9.5 credits in Chemistry, 1 in Mathematics

Required Courses:

Capstone (.5):

  • CHEM 345W Experimental Chemistry II (.5) or
  • CHEM 347W Experimental Biochemistry II (.5) or
  • CHEM 430 Advanced Topics in Chemistry (.5 or 1) or
  • CHEM 431 Advanced Topics in Biochemistry (.5)

Electives (4):

Note: If three of the 0.5-credit courses listed in the Capstone section are completed, the two may be applied to the elective category.

Chemistry Track, Bachelor of Science degree

10.5 credits in Chemistry, 1 in Mathematics, 2 in Physics

Biochemistry Track, Bachelor of Science degree

11 credits in Chemistry, 1 in Mathematics, 1 in Biology, 1 in Physics

Requirements for the Chemistry Minor (5 Credits)

  • CHEM 115 General Chemistry I (1)
  • CHEM 116 General Chemistry II (1)
  • CHEM 225 Organic Chemistry I (1)
  • CHEM 226 Organic Chemistry II (1)
  • One credit of Chemistry courses numbered above 300 (1)

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