Indicators of Achievement


The Student Learning Outcomes of the Comparative Literature and the History of Ideas Program include:

  1. Fundamentals of Literature and Culture
    • Students will develop an active understanding of the terminology, categories and concepts used in literary and cultural studies.
  2. Intellectual Traditions
    • Students will master the literary and intellectual traditions of a particular historical moment in two different cultures. One of the cultures will be non-English speaking.
  3. Linguistic Mastery
    • Students will engage with texts in their original language.
  4. Thinking Comparatively
    • Students will learn to see, question and analyze from a variety of viewpoints and perspectives.
  5. Communication Skills
    • Students will effectively communicate, orally and in writing, their knowledge of intellectual traditions and especially their comparative analysis of those traditions.
  6. Understanding Research
    • Students will demonstrate an ability to conduct comparative research and an understanding of the nature of inquiry.

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