Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning Requirement

We expect our graduates to be conversant with mathematics and quantitative reasoning and to be able to apply quantitative reasoning to understand and solve everyday problems. Formal reasoning and the formality of logic are central tools for decision-making in an uncertain world. Thus two quantitative courses, selected from a broad list, are required for graduation. You may wish to take one of them during your first semester. This is particularly recommended if you think you will go on to major in a field of study which requires quantitative background, or if you have been in math courses during your senior year in high school and want to continue your work without interruption.

Of the two required quantitative courses, at least one will be intended to expand students' quantitative boundaries and provide skills necessary to interpret and apply mathematics. Such courses are designated by the symbol (QA*). The other course may include discipline-based applications of quantitative methodology, such as physics or computer science, or may be a mathematics or statistics course. It will be designated by either (QA*) or (QA).

Majors Requiring Specific Quantitative Courses

Major Required
Biology CHEM 116
Chemistry CHEM 116, MATH 151* & 152*, PHYS 221 & 222
Computer Science CS 141*, CS 241, one credit from (MATH 151, 152, 153)* or MATH 163*, others
Economics ECON 230*, MATH 140* or equivalent
Exercise and Health Science MATH 138* or ECON 230* or IDS 138* or SOC 231*
Mathematics MATH 249*, CS 141*, others
Physics PHYS 221 & 222, MATH 249*, CS 141*, others
Psychology PSYC 252 & 253*
Sociology SOC 231*
Graduate study - GRE exam The quantitative portion of the GRE includes some calculus-based questions.
Pre-Med Many medical schools require a course in Calculus.

Courses listed with a * are QA* courses, others are QA courses. Note that MATH 151*, 152*, and 153* are half credit, half semester courses.

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