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Whether you intend to major in music or not, we welcome your participation in the music program at Willamette. There are many opportunities available to any student depending on musical background. Auditions for piano, voice, strings, winds and the various ensembles are held during Opening Days (see below). Sign-up sheets for individual audition times will be posted in the Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center. Contact the appropriate faculty member if you have a schedule conflict (list of faculty members) . Please carefully read the information for the area of interest to you.

August 22nd

Music Theory Assessment
10-11:30 a.m.
Rogers Rehearsal Hall

For all students pursuing a major or minor in music

Choir Auditions
1 p.m.-5 p.m.
Rogers Music Center 118

Orchestra/String Auditions
2 p.m.-4 p.m.
Rogers Music Center 110

August 23rd

Choir Auditions
1 p.m.-5 p.m.
Rogers Music Center 118

DVA/Opera & Voice Studio Lesson Placements
1 p.m.-5 p.m.
Hudson Hall, Rogers Rehearsal Hall

Piano Placements
2 p.m.-4 p.m.
Rogers Music Center 108

August 24th

1st Day of Classes

Choir Auditions
9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Rogers Music Center 118

DVA/Opera Callbacks
1 p.m.-5 p.m.
Hudson Hall, Rogers Rehearsal Hall

Wind/Brass/Percussion Auditions
9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Rogers Music Center 110

August 25th

Choir Auditions
9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Rogers Music Center 118

Wind/Brass/Percussion Auditions
9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Rogers Music Center 110

Jazz Rhythm Section Auditions
2:30 p.m.-4 p.m.
Rogers Rehearsal Hall

DVA/Opera Callbacks
4:10 p.m.-6:10 p.m.
Hudson Concert Hall

August 26th

Wind/Brass/Percussion Auditions
9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Rogers Music Center 110

Chamber Choir Callbacks
4 p.m.-10 p.m.
Hudson Hall, Rogers Rehearsal Hall

September 3rd

 Willamette Singers Callbacks
12:30 p.m.-2:20 p.m.
Rogers Rehearsal Hall

More Information

If you plan on being a music major or minor you must take the Music Theory Assessment on Saturday, August 22 at 10:00 a.m. For more information please read the Music Theory Assessment letter online from Professor Duerksen. A sample assessment is available online. Stop by the Music Office during the first week of classes to complete a Declaration of Music Major form. It will be helpful for you to obtain advising from a music faculty member to insure your enrollment in the appropriate classes for your specific music major (See the online list of faculty and music major advisors).

Music majors are required to attend the Student Recital Convos held on Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m. in Hudson Hall, Rogers Music Center.  Incoming new or potential Music majors will be invited to a Music Student Orientation early in the fall semester. This orientation is critical for those intending to major in music, so please be sure to attend.

If you have any questions with regard to auditions or the music program, please call the Music Department at (503) 370-6687 after August 10, 2020.

Applied Lesson Information

You must register for lessons during the first week of classes. The cost of 14 weekly one-half hour lessons is $340 and $680 for one-hour lessons per semester. If lessons are discontinued during the first three weeks, a pro-rated refund will be given. The deadline for a refund of lesson fees is exactly one week after the Registrar's official add-drop deadline each semester. Lessons have variable credits, .25 for half-hour and .5 for one-hour. You must edit the amount of credit in the Credits box when you register for class on the computer. Do this PRIOR to clicking "submit" in order to sign up for the right amount of time. A studio fee of $50 per semester will be charged to all students enrolled in applied lessons.

Voice and Piano Lessons

If you wish to study voice or piano, you will need to audition with the appropriate faculty who will assess your skills and make a teacher assignment (Please see the schedule above for audition times). For voice lessons, please plan to sing a prepared song (an accompanist will be provided). For piano lessons, please plan to play a prepared piece (these voice and piano pieces do not need to be memorized). If you are a beginner you must still attend an audition and speak with the faculty.

On the day following your audition, your teacher assignment will be posted outside the music office. It is important that you contact the instructor and schedule your lessons during the first week of classes.

Applied Lessons

If you plan to register for lessons on one of the following instruments, please contact the professor directly either by phone, e-mail or at the teaching studio listed below. Please come prepared with a schedule of your classes.

Instrument Professor Room Phone Email
Bassoon Ann Kosanovic Brown 200 FAE (503) 370-6939 akosanov@willamette.edu
Cello Valdine Mishkin 101 FAE (503) 370-6089 vmishkin@willamette.edu
Clarinet Colleen White 200 FAE (503) 375-5498 cwhite10@oregon.edu
Drum Set Ryan Biesack 147 FAW (503) 375-5349 rbiesack@willamette.edu
Flute Emily Stanek 207 FAE (503) 370-6452 estanek@willamette.edu
Classical Guitar Mario Diaz 202 FAE (503) 370-6768 diazm@willamette.edu
Harp Kimberly Taylor 100 FAE (503) 370-6450 khouser@willamette.edu
Horn Mike Hettwer 103 FAE (503) 370-6961 mhettwer@willamette.edu
Elec. Guitar/Bass Mike Gamble 147 FAW (503) 375-6679 mhgamble@willamette.edu
Jazz Piano Julian Snow 215 FAE (503) 375-5482 jsnow@willamette.edu
Low Brass Carson Keeble 103 FAE (503) 370-6456 ckeeble@willamette.edu
Oboe Catherine Lee 207 FAE (503) 375-5473 leec@willamette.edu
Organ Paul Klemme 103 RMC (503) 370-6255 pklemme@willamette.edu
Percussion Staff/TBA
Saxophone Sean Flannery 100 FAE (503) 370-6933 sflanner@willamette.edu
String Bass Andrew Mell 142 RMC (503) 375-5365 amell@willamette.edu
Trumpet Jaimie Hall 205 FAE (503) 370-6174 jhall@willamette.edu
Vibraphone Mike Horsfall 142 RMC (503) 375-5497 mhorsfal@willamette.edu
Violin Wyatt True 205 FAE (503) 370-6973 wtrue@willamette.edu
Violin/Viola Kim Uwate 101 FAE (503) 370-6089 kuwate@willamette.edu

FAE - Fine Arts East
FAW - Fine Arts West
RMC - Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center

Ensemble Information

Instrumental Music

Wind Ensemble – M,W 4:45-6:15p (+ 1 Friday sectional each month), Rogers Rehearsal Hall.

The Willamette University Wind Ensemble is a large wind and percussion ensemble. This premier wind band performs music from a wide variety of styles, time periods, and traditions. Performances include two or three public concerts per semester. The Wind Ensemble is open to all students regardless of academic concentration. Auditions for the Wind Ensemble are held on the first two days of classes each semester in room 110 of the Rogers Music Center. An audition sign-up sheet will be posted on the band board in RMC one week before the first day of classes. Spring semester auditions occur in the same manner in early January. Those interested in auditioning for the University Wind Ensemble should prepare a short piece of music that best demonstrates their technical ability and tone quality. Students will also be asked to sight-read a short music excerpt. Willamette University students who wish to participate but do not own a personal instrument may rent a school-owned instrument at a rate of $25 per semester. All questions may be forwarded to band-staff@willamette.edu.

Willamette Jazz Collective – T, TH 2:30-4:00p (+ 1 hour sectional each week).

The Willamette Jazz Collective performs the finest big band literature of the past and present, with particular emphasis on new music by leading composers in the field as well as contributions from emerging artists and student arrangers. In addition to hosting the annual Willamette University Jazz Festival the group performs regularly on campus and throughout the region. Open by audition to all Willamette University students.

Jazz Combos – 2 hours rehearsal each week, TBA.

Jazz small groups are scheduled according to interest, improvisational ability of students, and availability of rhythm section players. Each ensemble performs on campus each semester as part of the Bistro jazz series. Open by audition to all Willamette University students.

University Chamber Orchestra – M,W,F 11:30a-12:30p, Rogers Rehearsal Hall.

The University Chamber Orchestra (UCO) is open by audition to all students of the University regardless of major. The UCO presents one full concert each semester in addition to the annual Parents-Family Weekend concert and special holiday performances. Spring semester may include pit-orchestra experience as part of the Dramatic Vocal Arts production. The UCO features the winner(s) of the WU Concerto/Aria Competition every spring semester. Repertoire for the UCO is comprised of music that encompasses many historical periods, cultural traditions, and compositional styles. Those interested in auditioning for the University Chamber Orchestra should prepare a short piece of music that best demonstrates their technical ability and tone quality. Students will also be asked to sight-read a short music excerpt.

The Small Ensemble Program

Instrumental chamber ensembles consist of string quartets, piano trios, the woodwind quintet, the baroque ensemble, the contemporary ensemble and the percussion ensemble. These groups meet for 2 hours a week—1 hour for coaching and 1 hour of rehearsal. In addition to performing each semester on campus, several of these ensembles perform off campus for the Camerata Musica series at the Salem Public Library.

Choral and Vocal Arts Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of vocal arts ensembles, including solo voice, ensembles and staged productions, in operas, musicals and choral ensembles. Our Dramatic Vocal Arts (DVA) program welcomes students of all musical and academic backgrounds, giving students the opportunity to participate in both front and back of house as performers, directors, set designers, and a variety of collaborative roles. Our choral program is structured to provide a wide variety of music opportunities to students who have backgrounds which range from limited experience to years of training. Most of the Music Department’s ensembles have at least 70% of their membership made up of non-music majors. 

Dramatic Vocal Arts invites participation in all facets of the production and auditions may differ; for traditional singing roles, a student can expect to sing one to two selections, either operatic or musical theatre, or from the art song repertoire; performers may be asked to read a short monologue.

The audition for all choirs will include (1) an interview; (2) singing scales to find your range, and (3) sight reading both melodies and rhythms.

Chamber Choir – M,W,F 4:10-5:40p, Hudson Hall.

The Willamette Chamber Choir is an advanced mixed ensemble of approximately 40 students that performs regularly throughout the academic year. Chamber Choir performs music from all style periods, and typically focuses on more challenging repertoire. The choir generally tours annually, traveling throughout the country, and even internationally. Members of the Chamber Choir are expected to have advanced musicianship and sight-reading skills.

Dramatic Vocal Arts/Opera – T,TH 4:10-6:10p, Hudson Hall.

The Dramatic Vocal Arts program offers students a rich experience in fully staged opera performance and production. Dramatic Vocal Arts presents one fully staged production each year with costumes, set, and orchestral accompaniment, as well as additional performance opportunities, engaging off-campus events, and community projects. DVA repertoire includes operatic and musical theatre productions across the entire trajectory of Baroque through contemporary repertoire. Students of every academic background may participate in DVA in all facets of the theatrical experience, through performing – acting and singing – and production. DVA is open by audition or instructor consent to all Willamette University students, regardless of major.

Voce – M, W, F, 11:30a-12:30p, Fine Arts West 145.

Voce is a medium-sized vocal ensemble that performs music written for treble voices. The ensemble is open to singers of all genders, backgrounds, and vocal experience. Voce performs in regular concerts throughout the year, and explores music of varied genres and styles from the Renaissance to present-day. The ensemble is inclusive, welcoming, and focuses on building vocal skills in a safe, supportive environment.

Willamette Singers – T,TH 12:50-2:20p, Rogers Rehearsal Hall.

This group of 12 voices and jazz combo will concentrate on vocal jazz. Willamette Singers participates in a yearly tour and in recent years has traveled to Japan, Boston, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Chicago, Washington, Idaho, California and New York. Members must have significant experience in singing and/or instrument playing and are required to audition for entrance. Students interested in playing in the instrumental combo should audition during the special times for jazz instruments.

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