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Important Dates for Enrolling Students

Please check back to this page periodically during the enrollment process as dates are subject to change.

This timeline is designed to help you prepare for your first semester of classes at Willamette. We will contact you by email with a reminder and additional instructions for each task. Please check your email regularly to ensure you stay on track for enrollment. You may also review your checklist and progress.

Your first step is to submit your enrollment deposit, which secures your place in our next entering class of students. Login to your applicant status page, submit the Reply to Your Offer of Admission and then submit your payment. If you have questions regarding your reply and deposit, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at or 844-BEARCAT.

Please reply to your offer of admission by December 8, 2023. The final enrollment deadline is January 5, 2024.

  • November
    Nov. 17 – Dec. 8, 2023

    Submit Enrollment Deposit

    Submit your enrollment deposit in your applicant status page to secure your place in the next entering cohort.

    Nov. 27 – Dec. 5, 2023

    Create Your Network Account and Activate Your University Email Account

    Create your network account. This will activate your university email address and enable access to all the services you'll need as a student. For reference, you can find your student ID number on your applicant status page (where you replied to your offer of admission and paid your deposit). Failure to create your network account will delay other critical tasks, including course registration, housing and roommate assignment and bill payment.

    Nov. 27 – Dec. 5, 2023

    Turn on Google 2-Step Authentication

    Willamette University requires the use of Google 2-Step Authentication. You'll be prompted to do this immediately after network account creation and must do so within one week.

    Nov. 27

    Add Your Willamette Email Account to your Mobile Device

    Follow these instructions to add your Willamette email account, including your calendar, to your mobile device.

    Nov. 27, 2023 – Jan. 6, 2024

    Submit Student Financial Responsibility Agreement

    All students are required to accept the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement, which outlines the financial terms and conditions associated with enrollment. Login to Bill+Payment and the agreement will appear on the screen. You must click "I agree" prior to the first day of classes.

    Nov. 27 – Dec. 6, 2023

    Accessible Education Services Early Advising

    If you used an IEP or 504 in high school, have used accommodations at a prior college/university, have a learning difference or mental health concern, or any diagnosis that could impact academic performance, please contact Accessible Education Services to assess what accommodations or support will be appropriate for your success.

    Nov. 27 – Dec. 15, 2023

    Advising and Course Registration Appointment

    Login to your Applicant Status Page to register for an Advising and Course Registration Appointment. Appointments will take place December 6-15, 2023. Late registration will occur from January 8-12, 2024.

    Nov. 27 – Dec. 6, 2023

    Complete Language Placement Exam

    Complete a language placement exam online if you will continue previous language coursework.

    Nov. 27 – Dec. 6, 2023

    First Year Students Only: Review Math Placement Guidelines

    Review the math placement and course selection guidelines to assist your course registration process.

    Nov. 27 – Dec. 6, 2023

    Transfer Students Only: Review Transfer Advising Manual

    Explore the Transfer Student Advising Manual in preparation for your advising appointment.

    Nov. 27 – Dec. 13, 2023

    Complete Housing Application

    During this step of the process, you will use the WU Housing Portal to:

    • Review the Housing Contract and sign acknowledging you accept the terms;
    • Make a decision regarding your renters insurance for your residence hall room; and,
    • Submit your lifestyles and likings information, which will help us match you with your roommate(s).

    If you do not plan to live on campus, please contact Residence Life and Housing to confirm your eligibility.

    Nov. 27, 2023 – Jan. 8, 2024

    Receive Your Housing Assignment and Roommate Information

    Your housing assignment and roommate information will be sent to your Willamette email account.

  • December
    Dec. 4, 2023 – Jan. 6, 2024

    Update Emergency Contact Information

    Update your emergency contact information in SAGE, the system where all your educational records will be located throughout your time as a student. Detailed information is available from the Office of the Registrar.

    Dec. 4, 2023 – Jan. 5, 2024

    Register for Orientation

    Let us know you're joining us for Mid-Year Orientation January 12-14, 2024. Register by January 5 to confirm your participation.

    Dec. 4–15, 2023

    Varsity Athletes Only: Complete Student-Athlete Medical Screening

    All incoming students who plan to participate in varsity sports are required to complete the medical screening process.

    Dec. 4, 2023 – Jan. 6, 2024

    Submit ID Card Photo

    Submit your ID card photo online. We'll have it ready for you to pick up when you arrive on campus.

    Dec. 4, 2023 – Jan. 6, 2024

    Apply for a Parking Permit

    Apply online to secure your parking permit. Parking permits are required beginning the first day of classes.

    Dec. 11, 2023 – Jan. 16, 2024

    Student Accounts Information

    Student Accounts will send you information regarding your online statement, the billing process, payment options and other important matters.

  • January
    Jan. 2–12, 2024

    Submit official final transcript(s) and test scores

    First Year students, and transfer students with fewer than 62 semester credits, must have a final high school transcript with graduation date sent directly from their high school. All students with prior college enrollment (including as dual enrollment credit earned in high school) must also have official transcripts sent with the most recently completed term of grades included. Students who applied with test scores should ensure a verified score report has been received. Failure to receive these materials will delay course registration for the 2024 fall semester.

    Jan. 3–29, 2024

    Submit Health History and Immunization Records

    Submit your online health history and immunization information to Bishop Wellness Center via the Student Health Portal. Instructions, including information about SB 274 per Oregon law, will be sent via email starting on January 3, 2024.

    Jan. 3–29, 2024

    Complete Your Health Insurance Waiver

    All eligible students are enrolled in and charged for the Student Health Insurance Policy every academic year. Waivers are required annually for students who wish to opt out of the student health insurance plan. The student health insurance waiver form is available starting January 3, 2024 and must be submitted by January 29, 2024. The Spring 2024 waiver form will be emailed to students starting January 3, 2024.

    Jan. 5, 2024

    View Your Tuition and Fees Statement

    Your tuition and fees statement will be posted to your online account, and a paper copy will be sent via regular mail.

    Jan. 5–29, 2024

    CAFES Fee Opt Out

    Choose whether to opt-out of the CAFES fee, which supports the Community Action Fund for Equity and Sustainability. You will automatically be charged if you do not opt-out by the deadline.

    Jan. 8–16, 2024

    Gather Employment Documents to Bring to Campus

    If you plan to work on campus, you will need to provide the required documentation for proof of work eligibility during the hiring process. Review the list of eligible documents from USCIS. Once you are hired for on-campus employment, you will need to provide required documents in their original format. Photocopies, scans, emails, or expired documents will not be accepted and will delay the start of your on-campus employment.

    Jan. 9 – Feb. 1, 2024

    Complete Required Educational Trainings

    All students must complete required trainings about sexual assault prevention, alcohol and other drug prevention, and topics on the subject of diversity, equity, and inclusion. These trainings are assigned by the Office of Student Affairs to promote a community of respect, safety, health, and overall well-being of students. You will be notified at your Willamette email with additional instructions. Questions about the required modules can be directed to the Office of Student Affairs at

    Jan. 11, 2024

    Campus Housing Arrival and Move In

    Move into your on-campus housing.

    Jan. 11, 2024

    Mid-Year Orientation Begins

    Mid-Year Orientation will give you the tools and resources you need throughout your first semester and beyond.

    Jan. 16, 2024

    First Day of Classes

    Fall semester classes begin. Explore the full academic calendar.

New Student Checklist

We’ll ask you to complete important tasks as you begin your journey at Willamette. Once you have created your Willamette email account, you’ll be able to access your personalized new student checklist showing what tasks you have completed and what remains.


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