Core Body Conditioning / Abs

This 45-minute mat-type class takes a functional approach to lengthening and strengthening muscles.

This invigorating workout utilizes active/passive stretching as well as core body strengthening. It is based in the principles of Yoga, Pilates and basic strength training. We will use our own body weight as well as dumbbells for resistance and “physioballs” for isometric contractions and balance.

CBC will help you develop a strong, balanced body through uniquely designed techniques that emphasize core muscle strength. It is based on the belief that your ability to benefit from an exercise program while avoiding injury depends on how well you know your body alignment and how well you position your muscles, ligaments and spine during exercise. This class will improve your posture, flexibility and strength while increasing your mind/body awareness and confidence.

Please bring a mat or large towel to each class.

Students are encouraged to review the Fitness Course Policies and Regulations.

Core Body Conditioning / Abs



Willamette University
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