Alpine Ski, Snowboard, Telemark, and Nordic Lessons

Alpine Lessons are available at the following levels:

First Time (Never Evers)
Designed for the first timer, this class will orient the skier to the equipment and will introduce basic maneuvers such as gliding, stopping, and turning.

Beginning (Green)
These skiers have been on skis before and have a basic knowledge of their equipment. They may be unsure of their ability to stop and learning to control speed by turning in each direction from a wedge (snowplow) on flat terrain. They will be introduced to the chairlift.

Intermediate (Blue)
These skiers can link turns consistently by using the wedge (snowplow) on moderate terrain or by bringing their skis to a parallel position in the middle or at the end of their turn. Skiers will learn to begin shifting weight from ski to ski in order to let the skis come together in a parallel fashion. Pole usage is also introduced or perfected. Must be able to control speed.

Advanced/Expert (Black)
These skiers can maintain rhythm in all situations on blue terrain and most situations on black terrain. Skiers begin to refine skills, increase dynamics and rhythm in their skiing plus develop a variety of turn shapes for varying terrain and snow conditions.

Snowboard Lessons

Snowboard Lessons are available at the following levels:

First Time (Never Evers)
Designed for the first timer, this class will orient the snowboarder to the equipment and will introduce basic maneuvers such as gliding, stopping, and single turns in either direction on flat terrain. Also covers introduction to chairlifts and riding etiquette.

Beginning (Green)
These snowboarders can make turns on green runs and are familiar with lift procedures. Students learn how to adjust their pressure distribution to utilize snowboard design to assist in making smoother linked turns on moderate non-threatening slopes.

Intermediate (Blue)
Able to control their speed on most blue runs, these snowboarders are ready for the challenge of varied terrain and snow conditions. The students learn to control their snowboard to make a variety of turn shapes for the changing conditions.

Advanced/Expert (Black)
Able to ride most black diamond terrain, rides confidently at higher speeds, and handles varying snow conditions. Wants instruction in freestyle or powder.

Students who include Snowboard Rental in their ski packages will need only to show their Rental card each class day. Otherwise, Snowboards must be reserved in advance for every class. MHM does not have adult-size helmets available for rental.

Telemark Lessons

Telemark Lessons are available at the following levels:

Beginning (Green)
This class is for those who have never telemarked before. A basic understanding of Cross Country skiing is helpful but not required. You will be oriented in the proper use of equipment, chairlift procedure, as well as how to control speed and change direction with use of a wedge stance and building the foundations for a telemark turn on gentle to moderate terrain.

Intermediate (Blue)
Skiers in this class have stronger skills in either Cross Country or Alpine skiing and have the knowledge and skill of the wedge turn in either discipline. You must also be able to load and unload a chairlift. The class will move quickly to the proper technique of the Telemark turn on moderate to advanced slopes.

Advanced/Expert (Black)
This is an advanced class for those who have already Telemarked and want to enhance their technique. Classes venture from moderate to advanced slopes to skiing expert terrain and varying snow conditions.

Nordic Skiing

The Nordic lessons will cover skills technique, snow conditions, touring, and winter survival in appropriate depth for beginner and intermediate skiers. Lessons are available at the following levels:

Beginning (Green)
These skiers have never skied before or have a low level of aerobic fitness. Skiers will be oriented to their equipment, learn to balance while gliding and begin pole usage.

Intermediate (Blue)
These skiers have skied before and are familiar with their equipment. They are able to balance on a gliding ski and have an adequate level of aerobic fitness. Skiers learn to coordinate kicking and gliding movements and use their poles more effectively.

Advanced/Expert (Black)
These skiers have coordinated pole and kick movements and can descend gentle slopes. Students learn skating maneuvers to become faster and will refine other skills on varying terrain. They may also be introduced to the telemark turn.

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