Many people associate Tai Chi with the typical image of a large group of people in a park in China moving slowly in unison through a series of dance like movements. This public image of Tai Chi certainly represents one aspect of the art, although the complete system encompasses much more than simply performing this Long Form series of movements.

Tai Chi is a flowing, graceful moving meditation which cultivates a calm, focused and centered mind. It is also an ancient exercise system for developing a vibrant, strong and supple body. Finally, Tai Chi is a highly effective internal martial art for confidence and self-defense. The class is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to solely pursue the meditative and health aspects as well as students interested in its martial applications.

Tai Chi, like other martial arts, has divided into various styles, such as Chen, Yang, Wu, and Temple. All the Tai Chi styles are somewhat similar in their form and utilize the same principles. This class is based on Temple Style Tai Chi.

Temple Style Tai Chi is easy to learn. Rather than struggling to follow the instructor performing the Long Form, each individual movement of the form is first learned and practiced as a self-contained individual unit. This movement is practiced in different ways, such as stationary and moving and both right and left sides. In this manner, the student learns to truly own each movement. After each individual movement has been sufficiently mastered, it is an easy and quick step to simply string them together in the Long Form.

To learn more about Tai Chi and this class, please visit the other pages listed to the left (or below on mobile devices). For more information on Tai Chi in general, try Peter Lim's Tai Chi Resource Page, perhaps the most comprehensive Tai Chi site on the web.

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan


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