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Degrees Available: Bachelor of Arts

Explore how social issues are shaped by the activities of private interests, public institutions and interest groups.

Willamette students playing a game around a table

Environmental quality. International concerns. Urban and regional issues. Poverty. Inflation. As an economics student at Willamette, you’ll investigate critical social issues through a broad range of elective courses and one-on-one mentoring from expert faculty.

You’ll also gain professional experience through our internship program. Choose from opportunities in the Legislative Revenue Office, Office of Economic Analysis, Department of Forestry and other state agencies near campus. Or put your knowledge to work in the private sector.

You’ll graduate with an economics background that prepares you for a variety of postgraduate educational and career opportunities. And you’ll join a community of alumni who are leaders in business, law, medicine, social work, politics, education, finance and public administration.

Featured Alumni


Emma Giron '18

  • Selected for the highly competitive graduate fellowship for people interested in foreign service through the U.S. Department of State
  • Fellowship funds a master’s program in a field related to public policy and covers living expenses
  • Giron found strong support from Willamette’s economics department

Paimon Jaberi '17, MBA'18

  • Business intelligence analyst for the Seahawks
  • Analyzes data related to ticket sales, fan preferences, stadium operations
  • BA/MBA taught him how to analyze complex data sets and become a polished presenter

Dani Cone '98

  • Opened Fuel Coffee in Seattle in 2005, launched High 5 Pie in 2008 and Cone & Steiner general stores in 2014
  • Believes in a sense of place and community
  • Working at The Bistro gave her communication experience and captured what she loves most in coffee shops
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