Nathan Sivers Boyce

Associate Professor of Economics


MS, PhD, Engineer Economic Systems, Stanford University 1997, 2002

BA, Earlham College, 1995


Nathan Sivers Boyce earned a PhD in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University in 2002 and has been a member of the Economics Department faculty at Willamette University ever since. Nathan regularly teaches courses in microeconomics, environmental economics, economic statistics and econometrics.


Nathan's research interests include economic curriculum and pedagogy, policy issues of local interest, and the economics of international environmental agreements.


Introduction to Economic Inquiry ECON 132

Economic Statistics ECON 230

Microeconomic Theory ECON 363

Major Program Internship ECON 394

Advanced Topics in Economics ECON470W


Sivers Boyce, N., Gray, J., Whiting, C., Negri, D.H., Taylor, L.J., Mascarenhas, R., Knight, T. and Liang, Y., 2017. Curricular reform at Willamette University. International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education, 8(2), pp.156-183.

Nave, A. and Sivers Boyce, N. 2008. “An Economic Valuation of the Fairview Mitigation Wetlands” with Andy Nave. Submitted to City of Salem and the Pringle Creek Watershed Council.

Sivers Boyce, N., 2008. Exploring Economic Efficiency: Efficiency.xls. The Journal of Economic Education, 39(2), pp.206-206.

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