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Project Updates

  • May 28, 2021: Cookie Processing

    We continue to collect, label, log, and dry all the samples (cookies) so many of you have contacted us about, and we now have 128 officially in the database. We estimate that there are still another 40-50 cookies out there that we need to pick up - thanks for your patience if you are one of the folks waiting for us!

    As the cookies are drying in the lab (see photo!) we are testing several different ways to prepare them for analysis. This involves sanding and/or planing the cookie surface so that it can be photographed. We plan to use high-resolution digital images of the cookies in a web-based system to count and measure rings.

  • April 2nd, 2021: The Oak Salvage Project is underway!

    Professors Karen Arabas, Dave Craig, and Joe Bowersox are working with 6-8 students from Environmental Science and Biology to get the project off the ground. Since the ice storm in February, we have collected over 100 samples of Oregon White Oak from the Salem area and Willamette Valley. Currently, we are in the process of identifying, labeling and logging all of our samples. The samples need time to dry and will be prepared for analysis over the summer and students will begin analysis in the fall. Please check back for updates on our progress.

    We are still accepting samples from the Willamette Valley, so if you are interested please check out the Contribute to this Project page on our website; we would be happy to have your oak cookie as part of this project!

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