Gaetano DeLeonibus

Professor of French and Francophone Studies

Professor G. DeLeonibus teaches beginning, intermediate, and advanced French language as well as French literature and cinema. His literature courses cover the Middle Ages through the 20th century with the focus on the integration of history, politics, art, and music into the study of literature.

His research interest focuses more precisely on the intersection of literature and politics in fin-de-siècle France. He has received grants and fellowships to support his research and pedagogy from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Oregon Council for the Humanities.


DeLeonibus, Gaetano. “Review: The Other Rise of the Novel in Eighteenth-Century French Fiction.” CHOICE (2016). Online.

DeLeonibus, Gaetano. “Review: François Mauriac on race, war, politics, and religion: the Great War through the 1960s.” CHOICE (2016). Online.

DeLeonibus, Gaetano. “Review: Roger Martin du Gard and Maumort: The Nobel Laureate and his Unfinished Creation.” CHOICE (2017). Online.

External Grants and Fellowships

Gaetano DeLeonibus, French. Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Award, Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Institute of International Education, May 2016.

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