Chinese Studies

Program(s) Offered: Major, Minor

Why study Chinese at Willamette?

The importance of learning Chinese language and culture is self-evident in this globalizing world.  What you may consider is how unique and efficient our Chinese Program is: the expertise and experience of the faculty; the full arrange of courses and creative and individualized Independent Study; the vast opportunities to apply your learned skills on and off campus; and the harmony of the faculty-students community.  

Our Chinese Studies Program gives students new language skills. It helps you understand and appreciate another culture, and it equips you with analytical abilities needed to thrive in an increasingly complex and diverse world.

What we do at Willamette

Our program provides students with an interdisciplinary opportunity to learn about China. To do this, they don’t just take literature and language courses. They learn about international politics and economics, folklore, religion, art history, media studies and anthropology.

They study abroad at several prestigious Chinese institutions, including Lingnan University in Hong Kong and Xiamen University. They also join Chinese garden trips, cultural lectures and other activities on and off campus.

In class, our students work with specialized faculty to practice the Chinese language, exchange ideas and discuss Chinese social issues and contemporary culture. 

When they graduate, many of our students pursue their studies in graduate programs across the country, while some others work and teach in China.

What you can do at Willamette

Join and lead the student club, partake the practicum projects, conduct granted research in China with faculty supervisors, earn the award for excellent work in courses, design your Independent Study, and contribute to the community by sharing what you have learned, and much more.

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