Requirements for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor (5.5 credits)

  • 5 credits chosen from at least two different departments not in the student's major. No more than 1 course in the minor can also count towards the student's major.
  • Participation for a minimum of 2 semesters in faculty-student colloquium worth .25 credits per semester. This colloquium will feature thematically related readings, sharing of student and faculty research, discussion of faculty-student collaborative research opportunities, and exposure to relevant lectures, conferences, exhibits and events.

Students minoring in Medieval and Renaissance Studies are encouraged:

  • To take advantage of study abroad programs
  • Study relevant languages, including Latin, French, German, and Spanish
  • Attend related campus events, exhibits, and conferences
  • Submit papers for undergraduate conferences and journals
  • Explore grant opportunities to support research and scholarship

Approved Medieval and Renaissance Studies-Related Courses (5.5 credits needed)

Art History

  • ARTH 115 Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Art History
  • ARTH 116 Introduction to Renaissance and Early Modern Art
  • ARTH 259 Western Medieval Art and Architecture
  • ARTH 267 Renaissance Visual Culture
  • ARTH 275W Art Literature and Criticism



  • HIST 115 Western Civilization to 1650
  • HIST 131W Historical Inquiry: The Crusades
  • HIST 131W Historical Inquiry: Popular Culture in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 131W Historical Inquiry: Pilgrimage and Travel and Medieval and Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 233 Asian Empires on the Silk Road
  • HIST 319 Medieval Europe, 400-1500
  • HIST 374 Love and Reason in the Middle Ages: European Intellectual History 400-1500
  • HIST 375 Women and Gender in Medieval Europe

Interdisciplinary Studies


Religious Studies

  • REL 233W Religions Along the Silk Road


  • SPAN 352 Peninsula Literature I: Medieval and Early Modern
  • SPAN 445 Topics in Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Literature

Courses which may count towards minor depending on content:

French and Francophone Studies

  • FREN 340 Readings in French Literature

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