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Music Scholarship Application

We are delighted that you are interested in auditioning for a Music Scholarship at Willamette.


There are three requirements needed to be considered for a music scholarship at Willamette:

At this time we are only accepting video auditions which must be provided at the time of application submission. Please ensure that you have the following items prepared prior to beginning your Music Scholarship application:

  • Contact information (full name, title, and email) for an ensemble director (if applicable).
  • Contact information (full name, title, and email) for a private lesson instructor (if applicable).
  • A link to a digital audition hosted on a video sharing site.

Audition Requirements

Classical Musicians: Instrumental and Vocal

  • Prepare two or three pieces that have contrasting styles and tempos, and which demonstrate your ability to perform both rapid and lyrical passages.
  • Select literature from the solo, not ensemble repertoire.
  • Instrumentalists may include etudes and studies.
  • Vocalists must sing at least one piece in a foreign language. You may also choose a piece from the musical theater genre or a jazz standard.

Jazz Musicians

  • Prepare two or three pieces showing a variety of styles and tempos for which you can both perform written material and improvise.
  • The recorded performance should have a rhythm section be it “live” or prerecorded.


  • Composers must audition on an instrument (or voice) and submit a portfolio of compositions.

Digital Video Audition Details

  • Digital video auditions may be posted to a variety of online platforms (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo), and must be unlocked and available to faculty reviewers.
  • Digital video auditions should be 10-15 minutes in length.
  • Files and online posts must be labeled with your name and include a written program with titles, composers, movements, and performers as appropriate.

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