Willamette students with the Oregon State Capitol in the background

Politics, Policy, Law and Ethics

Experience the power of proximity and turn knowledge into action.

Program(s) Offered: Major

If you’re passionate about civic engagement and public service, our Politics, Policy, Law and Ethics program will put you in a position to turn knowledge into action.

Willamette’s location across the street from the Oregon State Capitol will give you countless opportunities to activate your education. Our students have crafted public policy as legislative interns, assisted the Governor's Office in various capacities and conducted research for state agencies. So can you.

The program also takes advantage of the university’s proximity to the state courts and penitentiary, as well as the vital presence of Native American Tribes government and Oregon’s central role in developing forestry, agriculture and land-use policy. 

Whatever you decide to focus on, the program will help you develop the knowledge, skills and principles you need to address contemporary political challenges.


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