The CAFES committee is composed of student committee members selected by the previous committee and appointed by ASWU, SBA, and ASA. Non-voting staff committee members represent Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and University Services.

To contact the committee, please email

Voting Student Committee Members

Chair: Renae Wilkinson 

Secretary: Mira Karthik

Student Outreach Coordinator: Marion Powell

Project Advisors: Daniel Smith

Proposal Consultant: Sophie Goodwin-Rice

ASA Appointed AGSM Student Representative: Charlie Phocas


    Non-Voting Committee Members

    Karen Wood, University Chaplain and Associate Professor of Religious Studies

    Janet Lorenzen, Assistant Professor of Sociology

    Mark Mazurier, Assistant Director, Campus Planning

    Don Thompson, Director, Bishop Wellness Center

    Jonneke Koomen, Associate Professor of Politics

    Laura Taylor, Associate Professor of Economics

    Financial Officer: Kristin Jradi

      Willamette University

      Community Action Fund for Equity and Sustainability Committee

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