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Welcome to The Next Stage of Theatre!

Willamette Theatre moves online for its 2020-21 Season, including Livestream and recorded broadcast. We also will conduct highly-limited live audience performances.

A host of options and safety protocols have been put in place to help our performances continue, and to provide students with an optimal experience in live and broadcast theatre. We hope the following will excite and comfort our audience members as we explore THE NEXT STAGE of theatre!

Performance information


memo-perf.jpgPerformance information

Willamette University Theatre's 2020-21 performances, complete with lighting and sound design, will be broadcast over the internet to our off-campus patrons. We are also able to offer a limited live experience to Willamette students and staff only.

Live Performances

Limited live audiences have been approved by Willamette's Reopening Committee. Only Willamette students and employees may attend these performances, as the Willamette campus is currently closed to the outside public. There is a maximum number of 20 audience members, putting our capacity limit below the current state requirements for controlled gatherings.

We are following strict and specific protocols for health and safety. This include audiences using facemasks at all times, distanced seating and public zoning, staggered entrance times, controlled traffic flow, and plenty of hand sanitizer and other PPE health needs.

Online • Livestream Performances

Each evening and matinee performance will be broadcast live via YouTube to ticketed audience members. After you choose the performance you would like to watch, you will receive information on how to link to YouTube, with a show starting at the traditional "curtains up" time. Access to the Livestream is determined by the email address you used for ticket purchase.

Online • Recorded Performances

After the run of the show, a recorded broadcast will be available for purchase and viewing for a limited time. There will also be special times during the season that shows are made available again for viewing, such as the holiday season and the end of the Theatre season. Like the Livestream option, you email address will be your "ticket" to the YouTube recording.

town-hall.pngSpecial Events

New times bring us new ways to connect with our audiences and give you experiences beyond the stage performances!

Virtual Town Halls

Each production will hold a free, online Town Hall conversation with the director, designer, and cast of the show. Virtual Town Halls take place on Zoom, and are advertised on our Facebook page. Invitations are also sent to members of our email list. 


Audience questions and answer sessions follow each Sunday matinee performance. These free Talkbacks with the cast and director will take place on Zoom. You do not need to have seen that matinee performance to be a part of the action!

To receive invitations to the Virtual Town Halls and Talkbacks automatically, please contact us at

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