Faculty Research Opportunities

The Center for Asian Studies announces the following faculty and student research opportunities open to the entire Willamette University and TIUA community.

All the awards are designed for projects and achievements that distinctively involve Asian Studies. Such projects include, but are not limited to, scholarship relating to Asian peoples and cultures; scholarship relating to Asian diaspora or Asian-American studies; comparative studies which focus in part on Asian peoples, cultures, lands, and/or diaspora; pedagogical scholarship relating to Asian subjects or audiences; law reviews or case studies relating to Asia, etc. Projects that are cross-disciplinary and joint-faculty or joint-faculty-student are particularly encouraged.

All applications and inquiries should be directed to the Center for Asian Studies (to Pam Smith, pasmith@willamette.edu; 503-370-6060) by the respective deadlines.

Evaluation Criteria

Center for Asian Studies Faculty Grants are competitive and are awarded based on the following criteria:

1. The statement of purpose and rationale are clear about the question to be investigated or the goal to be achieved;

2. The approach to accomplishing the project goal is well thought out and includes, 1) a statement of methodology, creative process, or other approach to the scholarship, 2) a timetable, and 3) a budget;

3. The expected product is indicated, including the likelihood of publication, artistic exhibition, or presentation at a professional meeting (for research/scholarship awards); and

4. The goals of the project are appropriate to the Center for Asian Studies mission and the Asian Studies profession broadly conceived.

5. Priority will be given to:

Proposals from full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty at the CAS, Law School and AGSM.

Proposals from faculty who have not held a CAS in the previous year.

Proposals from faculty who do not have university start-up funds the summer in which the project will be carried out.

NOTE: There is a new procedure with which faculty members must comply when applying for any kind of INTERNAL FUNDING. In addition to the information required by the Center, everyone must also submit an abbreviated version of their application through JASON using the WILLAMETTE INTERNAL FUNDING DATABASE link.

When you click on “Apply for a Grant” from the list on your left, your name and department will appear; you then select the funding body to which you are applying from a pull down menu, enter the PROJECT NAME, a brief ABSTRACT and the total amount of Funding requested under BUDGET.

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