Faculty Fellowship Research Grant

Dr. Robert Chenault (Assistant Professor of Classics and History)

~ The Forum of Trajan in the Fourth Century

A summer research and scholarly writing project to produce a scholarly article for publication in a peer-reviewed journal on the Forum of Trajan in the Fourth Century as it relates to late Roman political, cultural, and urban history.

Faculty Fellowship Research Grant

Dr. Ricardo De Mambro Santos (Assistant Professor of Art History)

~ The Roman Muse: The Emergence of a Collective Identity in Italian Art between the 18th and 19th Century and the Cultural Phenomenon of the 'Renaissance Revival'

An investigation of the ancient and modern works of art gathered by Count Alessandro Maggiori (1764-1832) to understand the process of redefinition of concepts such as "Classical" and "Renaissance" as critical categories in the 18th Century and the emergence of a collective artistic identity known as the "Italian" tradition, having Rome as its multi-layered point of convergence.

Faculty Fellowship Research Grant

Dr. Rebecca Dobkins (Professor of Anthropology)

~ Australian Aboriginal Art Exhibition

A project to travel to and study collections of Australian aboriginal art in Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia with the aim of curating an exhibition to be hosted by the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.

Faculty Fellowship Research Grant

Dr. James Thompson (Professor of Art)

~ The Surface Relationships Inherent in Stone of Ancient Neolithic Scotland

A research project in Scotland exploring the spatial and surface relationships of stone objects, structures and sites from Ancient Scotland and will result in the production of an entirely new, comprehensive body of paintings (and hopefully an accompanying catalogue) for a scheduled upcoming exhibition in 2013.

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