This grant is suspended until further notice.

The Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology at Willamette University offers one grant each year to enable a qualified and motivated student to acquire more advanced or specialized training in ancient languages or ancillary disciplines related to the study of the ancient world, such as epigraphy, numismatics, papyrology, or paleography. This grant is intended to encourage students to enroll, for example, in an intensive summer course offered through another accredited institution of higher education or under the auspices of a recognized learned society (e.g., the American Society of Papyrologists or the American Numismatic Society). In particular, the grant supports summer course work in ancient Hebrew, Greek, or Latin whose completion would enable students to advance more quickly in their study of these languages. It is also meant to support students who wish to study another ancient language that is not offered at Willamette (e.g., Egyptian hieroglyphics, Celtic languages, or an Ancient Near Eastern language such as Hittite). Finally, this grant is intended to support students with research interests in the ancient world that would be enriched by their study of an ancillary discipline, such as epigraphy, numismatics, papyrology, or paleography.

CASA Advanced Training Student Grants are meant to defray tuition and travel expenses associated with enrolling in programs such as the ones mentioned above and do not support:

  • Study of an ancient language conducted as part of a regular study semester abroad.
  • CASA does not fund independent study projects even if supervised by a Willamette professor.
  • Tuition toward degree-granting programs.

All currently enrolled Willamette students are eligible, including seniors. Funding (up to $2,500) is provided toward tuition, travel, and living expenses. Applications are reviewed by a selection committee consisting of three CASA core faculty members appointed by the CASA director.

Please note: "Not offering or accepting applications  for 2019-2020"

To apply please submit the following:

  • The Student Grant for Advanced Training in Ancient Languages or Ancillary Disciplines Application Form
  • AER or transcript.
  • One letter of recommendation from a faculty mentor.


Questions, please contact: Reyna Meyers.
Administrative Program Coordinator for the Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology

To conclude your project:

A final report is required, plus evidence of completion of the proposed course of study.

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