Past Recipients

The Carl S. Knopf Award For Best Student Paper on the Ancient World

Lindsey Moriyama '16

(English and Classical Studies Major)

Seneca's Subtle Sarcasm

(analysis of two poems in Seneca's Apocolocynthosis)

Spencer Andrews '16

(Comparative Literature and Classical Studies Major)

Barbarians Can Be Romans Too

Erin Kahn '15

(English Major)

The Gods Know I Had No Choice: The Role of Fate in Sophocles’ Theban Plays

Patrick Leary '11

(Archaeology Major )

The Orange-Brown Patinas on the Parthenon of Athens: Implications for Human-Made Origins

Alicia Maggard '10

(Classical Studies and History Major)

Running on Imperial Time: Augustus and the "Fasti Praenestini"

Alicia's paper illustrates how Augustus left his mark not only on the three Physical dimensions of Rome, but also on Roman time.

Alicia Maggard '10

(Classical Studies and History Major)

The Supposed Separation of Collegium and State: Trajan and the Rise of Mercantile Associations